KRudd sold our national interest to Indonesia. And the media clapped

Downer: Rudd sold our national interest to Indonesia. And the media clapped

Andrew Bolt

Long-time Foreign Minister Alexander Downer is absolutely right: 

In protecting our borders we treated our great neighbour with respect. We kept the Indonesians fully informed about our actions. We didn’t mislead or deceive them. But never, never, ever did we ask another country’s permission to protect our borders. No self-respecting government would do that. Ever…

If John Howard had rung me and asked if he should sign a joint communique with Indonesia saying we would never act unilaterally to protect our borders I would have told him it would be a sell-out of our national interest. It would be weak and fawning. You don’t win respect signing documents like that…

In one of his first acts after returning as prime minister, Rudd did just that. No one in Canberra said it but I would have: it was weak, cynical domestic politics. Rudd sold out our national interests and in doing so won applause from the press gallery but lost respect in Jakarta.


More than 100 boat people and $7 million every day

Andrew Bolt

Reader Gab:

So for eleven days in July, we’ve seen 15 illegal maritime arrivals transporting 1,379 illegal arrivals which costs taxpayers $96,530,000.When will Rudd do something to stop the boats like he promised?