Obamunism and jihad, a toxic brew

Obama: “Ho Chi Mihn was Inspired by the United States Constitution” - 

Ho Chi Minh was a Communist terrorist. President Truong Tan Sang, whomObama is trying to win over, is a leading Communist. Hussein Obama is …. what exactly?


Some links from Barenaked Islam:

Come Friday, the Moonbat Messiah has another one of those “my people” moments

Once again, Mullah Obama overrides Congressional ban, will send hundreds of millions more in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Palestinian Authority/Hamas

Take a look at the pictures. You’ll never see the Muslim POTUS happier. Its almost as if he was married to Abu Mazen:

Obama and Abu Mazen

Hussein Obama on Friday afternoon ordered another waiver of congressional restrictions on direct funding of the Palestinian Authority, clearing the way for more U.S. aid jiziya.


More cultural enrichment every day:

ITALY: Moroccan Muslims rob a church, then defecate and urinate on its altar


LEWISTON, MAINE: Somali Muslim teenager, charged with 4 counts of arson, released from detention centre

Lewiston is known as the little Mogadishu of the East Coast for its infestation with Somali Muslim parasites…..


Islamophobic Mayor under fire:

“…. just don’t try to insert your culture, which obviously isn’t working, into ours, which does.”

Hezbollah Wings:

hezb wings

EGYPT:  More than 100 pro-Morsi rioters meet virgins!  killed by Egyptian Army 


  The Muslim Brotherhood claimed that at least 120 people had died, and hundreds more injured, when the army opened fire with live rounds.  UK Telegraph



Rival rallies in Tahrir Square: Many dead, many injured as Mohamed Morsi faces murder charges

Many thousands of men, women and children joined Brotherhood supporters at their round-the-clock vigil in northeast Cairo, which is close to army installations but far from Tahrir Square, focal point for the pro-army rally. ”It is either victory over the coup or martyrdom,” senior Brotherhood politician Mohamed El-Beltagy told the pro-Morsi rally. “Our blood and our souls for Islam!” the crowds chanted.

Russia Today has an interesting interview with a MuBro headbanger:

The Obama Regime of High Treason:

BREAKING: US Benghazi Hero Waited 20 Hours For Help With a Shredded Leg – While Obama Campaigned in Las Vegas  (GWP)

I bet my last dime on that:

Here’s what this president does: he condemns capitalism. He condemns success. He promotes mediocrity. And he’s making excuses for people to fail in this country, instead of being honest about it.

Charles Payne: Obama Would Love to See Civil Unrest in US Like Arab Spring (GWP)

Doug Ross has the transcript:

Stuart Varney: Obama used the term “inequality” more than he used the word “growth”. And this is a problem, according to Charles Payne.

How about Florida boycotts Jesse Jackass Jackson?

Real racism and crime