Sunday Morning Jihad Roundup


This blog has had it. It takes ages to upload new content. The sheik needs to move to another oasis.  Thanks for your patience; we’re working on solutions. In the meantime, if the site doesn’t load for you, please go to Moe’s Jihad News, where you will find all the latest Mohammedan head-chopping, child-raping jihad- terror that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

From the Religion of Peace:

Killing fellow Muslims, and even the most horrific crimes, are permissible so long as they are seen as ways of advancing and empowering Islam.  (Raymond Ibrahim)


Here a few updates:

Check out Kevni’s serious warzone face:



Ramadan observance in Pakistan:

At least 41 murdered in explosions at busy marketplace


Since Ramadan is a time of renewed piety and jihad is considered an act of piety, this is what happens. “Dozens killed in Pakistan blasts, the deadliest attack during Ramadan,” from the South China Morning Post, July 27 (JW)

I tried to tell you:

Ft. Hood Killer: Opposing Sharia Supremacy is ‘War on Islam’…

Fort Hood jihad mass murderer repents of years in Army, says U.S. is at war with Islam- In any case, his statement is Islam-drenched, constituting yet another embarrassment for an administration bent on denying that his murders were jihad terrorism, and a media obsessed with “Islamophobia.”

nidal-hasanHasan Malik may not have a big fan club yet, but it won’t be long before his murderous visage appears on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

rollingstonesnextcover1-thumb-700xauto-3557And next month: the Londonistan meat cleaver murderer, how about that?


Syria: Obama supports al Qaeda (of course)

Nigeria: the real problem is complaining dhimmies…..

UK: Camoron’s pandering makes it worse:

The Concept  of   ‘DARURA”

Egypt’s Morsi ordered held over Hamas contacts, murder

The case against Morsi is rooted in the mass jailbreak of more than 30 Muslim Brotherhood leaders from a prison northwest of Cairo during the 2011 popular uprising that toppled Morsi’s predecessor, autocrat Hosni Mubarak. There have been many reports in the Egyptian media that the Brotherhood collaborated with Hamas, its Palestinian wing, and Hezbollah militants in Lebanon to arrange the breakout. (EoZ)

Meanwhile, British Tourists Cop it Bad  in Turkey:

Turkey clash of cultures: British holidaymakers targeted by angry locals for ‘disrespectful’ anticsNot “clash of cultures”-  Its Western clueless kids who are being murdered by Mohammedan supremacists….