Pat Condell: Our crippling fear of the truth

Our crippling fear of the truth

If you learn nothing else today, here’s a word that’s perfectly coined for Keith Vaz:

o·le·ag·i·nous /ˌōlēˈajənəs/
Rich in, covered with, or producing oil; oily or greasy.
Exaggeratedly and distastefully complimentary; obsequious.
oily – unctuous – greasy – fatty

Of course you can also be easy on yourself and call Camoron and the lackeys around him  the slime, but it might come in handy for other Mohammedan enrichers in the British parliament. Then again, that might be unfair to Mohammedan enrichers, because spineless weenies like David Camoron no longer differ from Oriental spittoons; they serve the same purpose.

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  1. The BBC hates the EDL, and believes it is the worst form of Nazism. So even of they were so, I would like to know how many little girls they have raped, how many bombs they have exploded in public places, or how many women they have “honour” killed?

    1. Like “Lord” Ahmed and the curry princess Warsi, people like Vaz should never be able to influence the affairs of a Western country.They have no place in any parliament. They need to be stripped of citizenship and chucked out.

      UK Parliament: Keith Vaz (or whatever his real name is) is a turd who claims not to be a Muslim, but consistently pushes for the Muslim cause. According to his wiki page, Vaz was born in 1956 in Aden, to parents originally from the Indian state of Goa, which accounts for his Goan-Portuguese surname. Several years ago, Vaz led a march of thousands of Muslims in Leicester calling for Salman Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses to be banned. He also believes that people like Geert Wilders should be permanently banned from entering England. Now he’s calling for “national uniformity” against the imaginary crime of “Islamophobia” which is a Muslim Brotherhood objective.

      ‘Dhimmi’ British MP calls for anti-Muslim sentiment to be classified as a hate crime (BNI)

      “The fascists of the future will be called the anti-fascists.” ~ Sir Winston Churchil

      Keith Vaz: the slime!


  2. Huey Long, one of America’s most brilliant and most corrupt politicians, was once asked if America would ever see fascism. His answer was, “Yes, but we will call it anti-fascism. ”

    Any and every one who embraces group-might-made-“rights” is a fascist (a collectivist, total-itarian conformist extortionist criminal).
    By definition.

    From this defintion, we can easily see that all leftist activist agitators (extortionistas) all communazis, all tribalist muslims, fall into it nicely.

    This includes the state-owned propaganda ministry known as the BBC.


  3. “Because islam is afraid of the truth, we all have to be afraid of it.” Well said, Pat Condell – and that one line pretty-well sums up any and all “Political” correctness, too. PC is factual incorrectness, under the slanderously fraudulent excuse that if one doesn’t go along with the lie, everyone else will extort one to do so anyway.

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