Abbott a ‘sworn enemy of the people of Australia?’

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbot brown nosed Muslims by declaring himself  to be “a sworn enemy of the people that seek to divide the community along racial or cultural lines.”

Mr Abbott should know that it is not for him to decide. Allah has already divided the world in two camps: believer and unbeliever.


Yesterday Australia’s recycled PM  KRudd offered Muslims 2.5 million for their support. Shortly afterwards Abbott, the leader of the opposition, launched an appeal to Muslim voters in western Sydney.


If pandering to Muslims, the Greens or any other anti-social, subversive groups is necessary to govern Australia, if undesirables get to decide who governs us,  if Islam gets to influence the direction our future, then we don’t have one.

Political prostitutes are selling the birthright of our kids.

There is something fundamentally wrong with our election system if it allows the economically non-contributing tribes, zealots, ideologues and  mental flat liners  to decide who rules over us.We seriously need a game changer, because to continue sliding down the slippery slopes of multiculturalism will take us straight to the scrapheap of history.

Here’s what the media reported:

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has kicked off his campaign to become Prime Minister of Australia with an appeal to the country’s Islamic community, declaring himself to be a “sworn enemy” of the people that sought to divide the community along racial or cultural lines.

Here is the article.

Well, look no further, Mr Abbott: its all in the teachings of Koran, sira and hadith. Its all in the mental baggage of Muslims who arrive here to replace our culture, our civilisation, our laws and anything that doesn’t conform to Islam. That includes us.

The Great Divide:

the world is divided

If you are looking for enemies, Mr Abbott, look no further than the  hundreds of thousands of muslims that have settled here, behind what they perceive to be enemy lines. Look no further than  their track record;  their complete and utter failure to integrate, their total rejection to become Australians ,their endless demands, the spiralling crime and to their all out efforts to make Australia Islamic;  and their obvious, implacable hostility to our Judeo-Christian culture which they seek to destroy by all and any means.

Nobody looks good with brown lipstick on,  Mr Abbott: no politician should lower himself to pandering to the most subversive groups in the country, especially not to  the representatives of the largest criminal organisation in the world.

And then you should ask yourself, Mr Abbott, what we have in common with these cultists, who appear to have crawled straight out of the 7th century.

Do you agree with Sharia, polygamy, child-marriage, FGM, stoning of adulterous women, flogging for drinking alcohol, hijabs, burqas, niqabs, wife-beatings, murder of blasphemers and targeted assassinations of all those who mock the prophet of Islam?

If you do, Mr Abbott, it is you who is in the enemy camp. It is you who is a sworn enemy of the people of Australia.

 The Sydney Moonbat Herald has more:

The pictures with the Islamic clergy are strangely missing from the report.

In front of more than 100 people, at the Westella Renaissance Hotel in Lidcombe, Mr Abbott praised multiculturalism as a “heroic dimension to our national history”.

Working the crowd: Tony Abbott.Working the crowd: Tony Abbott. Photo: Edwina Pickles

“[Our] multiculturalism is a beacon of hope to a troubled and divided world,” he said. “People from all around the four corners of this earth have come to this country of ours to be welcomed by us and to build a better life in freedom, for themselves and their children.”

Their children? What about our children?


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  1. One of the muslim women interviewed by the ABC at that event said that ‘family reunion was a big issue. Many muslims have close and distant (!) relatives they’d like to be reunited with’. No, not by getting the Australian tax payer to pay for flights so that they could visit their close and distaant relatives as has previously been suggested by the Muslim Women’s Association – but by asking the Australian taxpayer to tolerate importing and paying for the upkeep of these relatives into Sydney.

  2. I could not believe what I saw on ABC24 at the twilight time of Ramadan yesterday.. Holy Shite, this stinking little would be ruler of our nation has committed treason as far as I am concerned. He is warming himself at the fires of our foe.
    Don’t let me be told by any right wing voters who may or may not write at this place that I am a slimy socialist. I have been copping this for years. I am not wearing this anymore. Some of those right side of politics seem to believe that every socialist is pro Muslim or pro boat people. In fact it is the opposite.
    I have lived in a Muslim country, and I know these bastards very well. They pose the greatest threat to the world, than anything since WW2. So, a vote for Abbott is a vote to take us all to hell.
    Mr. Abbott, you have sold you arse for the future of the Australia.

    You can email him at his office, I have and a lovely picture of Winston Churchill and his warning from the River Wars against Sudan. Wake up Australia! Please.

  3. Dhimmi 9:29 Tony Abbot … “a sworn enemy of the people that seek to DIVIDE the community along racial or cultural lines.”

    “In chapter 22, Verse 39 of the Qur’an, Allâh gives permission to fight” — Ali Sina

    Tafsir Ibn Kathir “… This is the first Ayah which was revealed about Jihad … “When the Prophet was driven out of Makkah, … (only because they said: “Our Lord is Allah.”

    In reality: Muhammad MARKINK religion (Islam) and causing DIVISION (believers vs. unbelievers)

    9:45 Min, video:

  4. I was disgusted by Tony Abbott’s brownnosing islam. From now on, I shall agitate for Turnbull for the Liberal leadership – he is a little bit on the champagne-socialist side, but at least he is an outspoken supporter of the Jews, so, perhaps he will stop short before getting into bed with islam.

    This morning they interviewed some participant in this anti-Western celebration of Ramadan, and she reported that the demand on Abott was mainly for “family reunion”. “Everyone of us” she wimpered with a strong accent “has still family AT HOME, and we must bring them out here”.



  5. Why are the APP and the Australian freedom Party dragging their heals? We need an alternative party now!

  6. Abbott simply follows the agenda of the Vatican for a syncretistic world united politically in confederations. Both Islam and the Vatican hope to win the “diplomatic” race for the primacy aimed to ride the Luciferian global superstate. The statements of Abbott simply shows that Australia is in line with the new geopolitical trends and that for true Judeo-Christianity hard times have just started.

  7. Tony Abbott is not the only traitor.

    “Yesterday Australia’s recycled PM KRudd offered Muslims 2.5 million for their support. Shortly afterwards Abbott, the leader of the opposition, launched an appeal to Muslim voters in western Sydney.”

    Read again the first sentence (as quoted) in the above article.

    The pair of them have sold their souls to Islam.

  8. Another traitor.

    In March 2011, on ABC TV Q&A programme, Malcolm Turnbull said in reply to a panelist: “For heavens sake – much of our learning and culture comes from Muslims.”

    He is just as ignorant as Abbott and Rudd. And I was under the illusion that he was intelligent!

  9. Tony Abbott like almost all politicians adopted politically correct pretense (a politician is someone who sits on the fence with his ear to the ground on both sides.(HLMencken).
    When he assumes power it would be in his interest to treat Muslims as people who embrace a quasi Nazi ideology.
    We shall soon see?

  10. I thought he meant Muslims when he said he was the sworn enemy (etc) but was being deliberately ambiguous. Was I wrong? Damn.
    In any case, multiculturalism and democracy together mean an escalating descent into moral oblivion.

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