What’s the difference between British PM David Camoron and Shahid Malik?

Little if any. Both want to see Britain under Islam.

Both want to see a Britain under Islam:


David Camoron:


The Prime Minister “wants Muslims to lead Government, the British Army” and dislikes “seeing white Christian faces”. Watch and share the only film on the internet which exposes the leader of the Conservative Party in details never before shown, the most shocking sixteen minute movie on the islamification of Britain.

12 thoughts on “What’s the difference between British PM David Camoron and Shahid Malik?”

  1. Now if you said ”what’s the difference between Malik,Cameron and a bucket of shit” i would have to say the bucket.

  2. Ramadan 2013 Death Count: 6,625 ( 94.7%)

    Ramadan 2012 Death Count: 3,402 ( 66.6%) * to be updated

    Ramadan 2011 Death Count: 2,042 ( 52.5%)

    Ramadan 2010 Death Count: 1,339 ( 6.3%)

    The trouble is that the general populace does not seem to understand that Muslims are a very peaceful people. Consider the incitement to violence they get from their canonical texts and imams. It is no great thing for a Christian or Buddhist to be peaceful, but it takes a lot of intellectual courage for a Muslim to be one.

    Muslims are therefore a very peaceful people. This is doubly true specially during the period of Ramadan, when incitement is much higher then normal.

    Once people understand this, they will see how genuinely peaceful Muslims are.

    /Comments disabled for this comment. Ha Ha.

  3. Time for the British Troops to storm Parliament and arrest Camoron and his supporters and charge them with treason.

  4. Must be the curry princess whispering in his ear:

    British PM feels the need to tackle surging violence against Muslims

    Note that he “feels the need” even after the taxpayer funded and now defunded “Tell Mama” Muslim monitoring outfit was caught with their pants down. These professional shriekers made up fake hate crimes by the hundreds.

    Sun Aug 11, 2013
    Cameron boasted that he will focus on violence against Muslims at the next meeting of the high-level taskforce established to tackle extremism, British media reported.

    It appears that the unprecedented surge in the attacks on mosques and Islamic centers following the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, has finally caught the attention of the prime minister. …

    … Islamophobia in the UK has been flourishing day by day since the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. and successive governments’ inaction has caused the phenomenon to take various shapes and become systematic in the country and Europe at large.

    The British Prime Minister claimed that his government had been fighting Islamophobia more than any governments in the UK, but Muslim communities are suffering systematically and further action is needed to prevent the outbreak. …
    More boasting, islamophonia, and protection of the evil and blasphemous religion at PressTV

    I think its time to toss this MOFO out!

    1. So…
      Retaliation for crimes is now considered “extremism,” where it used to be called “law” and “justice!” Now that’s “trending progress” for you!

      Camoron imagines he’s doing something grand by cracking down on all these extremist crime-ophobics! He also imagines the best way to stop crime is to make the populace into better and more complacent victims!

  5. … and, was this “unprecedented surge” of mosque attacks he describes, exemplified where the rate went up 100% – from “0” to “1,” perhaps?


  6. MuBro doctrine:

    To destroy our miserable hause “by their hands” (that means by the hands of the useful idiots among us) and the hands of the believers…..

    The Nazis had the kapo’s, Islam has our politicians.

    The plan is diabolical, but effective. And its working like a charm.

    1. Sheik, I’m reading a great reference book which completely sources and details all the MB/Ikhwan connections to CAIR etc, and the whole plan!

      It’s written by the former/retired lead prosecutor from the Holy Land Foundation terror-funding trial in the US (aka the ‘occupied lands’ plan), one Andrew C. McCarthy, and it’s called:

      THE GRAND JIHAD – How Islam and the Left SABOTAGE AMERICA

      ISBN-13: 978-1-59403-377-3
      ISBN-10: 1-59403-377-3
      © 2010

      It’s definitely a must-read, must-own book, because it gives ALL the officially-entered into evidence cource citations and details of all the players! And these aren’t just unproven rumors and innuendos, either – we WON the HLF trial! This is as “official proof” as it gets!


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