Abbott to buy up Indonesia’s People Smuggler Boats

Seriously, it doesn’t get any dumber than that.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott would pay Indonesians for unseaworthy boats to stop them from ending up with people-smugglers, as part of a plan unveiled today. 


Abbott declined to comment on whether he had spoken to the Indonesian government about his plans, which were ridiculed as “crazy” and “bizarre” by the ruling Labor party.

The Indo’s have millions of fishing boats. They will make them out of papmache’ when they realise Australia pays for them.

Abbotts regional deterrence framework includes $67 million support for joint operations in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Mr Abbott would not say exactly how much would be allocated to buying back boats or put a figure on how much would be spent on each boat.

The amount dedicated to the buy-back scheme, which will be capped at an undisclosed amount, is part of another $20 million project. And you thought the Labor clowns were bad.

“It makes a lot more sense to pay a few thousand dollars in Indonesia (to buy boats) rather than spend $12 million once these boats bring their cargo to Australia,” Mr Abbott said.


Immigration Minister Tony Burke rejected Abbott’s latest plans as “simply crazy policy” that would only benefit the Indonesian shipbuilding industry.

“Of all the mad ideas I’ve heard in immigration, I think boat buy-back wins,” he said, adding that Indonesia had one of the largest fishing fleets in the world.

8 thoughts on “Abbott to buy up Indonesia’s People Smuggler Boats”

  1. Yes lets spend more of taxpayers money why doesn’t rabbott sack more public servants or cut more out of health, why don’t we just fly these arsewipes in and set them up in the bloody hilton?
    IF rabbott gets in then we are going to be way worse off than we are under rudd.

  2. Simple Mr. Abbott, don’t spend the $12 million when they arrive.
    Tattoo (black UV ink – non visible under normal light) a PNG* on their arms and ship them back.
    If they are muslims, you might manage to get them to agree to being lashed a bit for breaking the law before you send them back, or is that just for breaking the shari’ah?
    Anyway, we all know they are only arriving for the benefits, no benefits – no boats. SIMPLE.

    *persona non grata – also known as crook, criminal, fraudster, conman etc.

  3. For Labor to call this idea “crazy” or “bizarre” speaks volumes. Or maybe they’re just shitty because they didn’t think of it first.

  4. I think most people are hoping that a Coalition government will deal more effectively with the mostly muslim economic migrants than Labor will. But I agree, supporting the Indonesian boat-building industry is sheer lunacy. Hopefully Turnbull will be swapped over for Abbott if Abbott continues to come up with hare brained schemes like this.

    A better solution would make it a criminal offence for any Australian rsident to aid and abet people smuggling in any way – especially in sending funds earnt here to relatives in muslim countries so that they can pay people smugglers to bring them in. For non citizens – immediate deportation. For citizens $50k fine and/or jail.

  5. I hope this is a ploy to help get in to government, then revert to old and effective Coalition policy. From what I heard, this is a possible strategy…

    The best thing all round is keep them off boats altogether, but it sure appears like Indonesia wants to get what it can from the current deal. Maybe they are making a fortune from departure tax???

  6. tow the boats back.

    = disgruntled refo’s
    = they want their money back.

    no visas no permanent sttlement.

    no family re unions.

    all too simple for rudd,

    Rudd has never been serious or Gillard instopping the boats, he is a stooge of the muslim UN.

  7. Time to give up on the major parties and vote for the APP or Australian Freedom Party or the like. I for one will never vote for Labor or Liberal again. As far as the Greens go ,looney left, what can I say.

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