UK: Incitement to murder costs Islamic TV channel £85,000; Broadcaster remains unrepentant

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Islamic TV channel fined £85,000 by watchdog for broadcasting hate preacher’s saying it was ‘acceptable to murder anyone who disrespected Mohammed’


Allama Muhammad Farooq Nizami told viewers that it was their ‘mission’ to ‘protect the sanctity of our beloved Lord’

  • Allama Muhammad Farooq Nizami told viewers live on-air that those who caused offence to the Prophet ‘should be eliminated’
  • The channel could have been fined up to £250,000 but regulator opted to protect their ‘freedom of expression’
  • Broadcaster remains unrepentant and have since broadcast a ‘clarification’ instead of an apology

UK: Muslim TV channel fined for preacher’s saying it was “acceptable to murder anyone who disrespected Muhammad”

This is in accord with Muhammad’s own example: the prophet of Islam responded to insults by ordering the murder of those who insulted him, including Abu ‘Afak, who was over one hundred years old, and the poetess ‘Asma bint Marwan. Abu ‘Afak was killed in his sleep, in response to Muhammad’s question, “Who will avenge me on this scoundrel?” Similarly, Muhammad on another occasion cried out, “Will no one rid me of this daughter of Marwan?” One of his followers, ‘Umayr ibn ‘Adi, went to her house that night, where he found her sleeping next to her children. The youngest, a nursing babe, was in her arms. But that didn’t stop ‘Umayr from murdering her and the baby as well. Muhammad commended him: “You have done a great service to Allah and His Messenger, ‘Umayr!” (Ibn Ishaq, 674-676)

Then there was Ka‘b bin Al-Ashraf. Muhammad asked: “Who is willing to kill Ka‘b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?” One of the Muslims, Muhammad bin Maslama answered, “O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?” When Muhammad said that he would, Muhammad bin Maslama said, “Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab).” Muhammad responded: “You may say it.” Muhammad bin Maslama duly lied to Ka‘b, luring him into his trap, and murdered him. (Bukhari 5.59.369)

In any case, this TV channel is fined, but still operates, while opponents of this thuggery are banned from Britain.

Please contribute to the  legal fund to overturn the unjust ban on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer entering the UK here.

And sign the petition asking that the ban be overturned here.

“Islamic TV channel fined £85,000 by watchdog for broadcasting hate preacher’s saying it was ‘acceptable to murder anyone who disrespected Mohammed,’” by Francesca Infante for the Daily Mail, August 21

An Islamic TV channel has been fined £85,000 after it broadcast a hate preacher to instructing muslims to kill those who insult Prophet Mohammed live on live television.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom reprimanded Al Ehya Digital Televison, which runs the Islamic channel Noor TV for allowing its presenter to tell viewers it was their duty to murder non-Muslims during a phone in show.

The channel broadcasts both in the UK and internationally mostly in Urdu but also English and Punjabi and is aimed at young British Muslims.

The offending show was broadcast on May 3 last year and featured the presenter Allama Muhammad Farooq Nizami taking phone-in from audience members around the world.

Mr Nizami answered questions about a wide range of issues and personal conduct relating to Islam and Islamic teachings.

But following a question from a Pakistani caller asking what the ‘punishment’ should be for those who disrespect the Prophet, his answer was that they ‘should be eliminated.’

Speaking directly into the camera Mr Nazimi said: ‘One has to choose one’s own method.

‘Our way is the peaceful way but when someone crosses the limits, faith-based emotions are instigated…The mission of our life is to protect the sanctity of our beloved Lord.

‘May Allah accept us wherever there is a need [to kill a blasphemer]. We are ready and should be ready at all times [to kill a blasphemer]’

The regulator judged that these comments were ‘likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime or to lead to disorder.’

It also said it was concerned that young people watching the show could become ‘radicalised’ or take ‘violent and criminal action as a result of watching videos of Muslims with extreme views.’

It considered the remarks to be so inflammatory they could have inspired a repeat of the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gough [sic], who was killed after Islamic clerics condemned his film which criticised the treatment of Muslim women….

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  1. So lets get this right Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll get arrested for walking into Tower Hamlets a part of their capital city, but this joker can preach race hate and just get fined 85 grand and is still allowed to broadcast!
    Yep I truly have heard it all now a clear case of one rule for us and another for them if any further evidence was needed. But god forbid we should upset their feelings.

  2. I too was expecting some sort of ‘hate speech’ prosecution.
    Wasn’t a woman sent to prison for telling black people to go back to Africa? Maybe she should have said they should be killed and thrown in a few allah akbars instead and got off with a fine.

    Whoops, how very islamophobe of me.

    1. “Hate-speech prosecution?”

      That’s for the local yokels, the little people and the rebels from the EDL, who are considered “sick” by the Islam promoting PM David Camoron.

  3. @sheikyermami,

    Ivory towers, Sheik. Cameron and the rest of the ruling elite (Labour and the LibDems included) live a protected state. Whilst the rest of the rabble are literally fighting for their lives against the barbarian curs.


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