Being afraid of explosive breast implants is pure “Islamophobia”

Breast Implant Bombs? Heathrow Airport on High Alert –


Who said Muslims never invented anything? 

London’s Heathrow Airport has been placed on high alert by U.K. officials over fears that female suicide bombers might hide explosives in breast implants.

U.K. experts said there is evidence that al-Qaeda could go after flights out of London

These implants are special, officials added, because if they are injected with another liquid, it could cause an explosion capable of taking down a plane, according to a report from a British tabloid.

“There are genuine fears over this,” a Heathrow airport staff worker told the Daily Mirror tabloid.

“We have been told to pay particular attention to females who may have concealed hidden explosives in their breasts.”

breast bombs

Spy Agencies Stigmatize Aussie Muslims

Islam, where boilerplate grievances are cooked like Chop Sui:

“There’s a general feeling of living under suspicion and being under surveillance constantly,” Mohamad Tabbaa, Islamic Council of Victoria executive member, told Australian paper The Telegraph. …

More whinging and counter-terrorismophobia at On Islam/Sunday, 18 August 2013/Mullah

Love your Muselmaniacs or they will really hate you:

The strategy is diabolical. It is designed to grind down the infidel nation state. Koranimals commit acts of violence, sabotage, arson and war on the people and the  state,  and when the exasperated French react with fear, loathing and suspicion for the savagery, the Muselmanic grievance theatre goes into overdrive. The hijabees in this video cry victimhood and accuse the French of committing crimes against them. In muselmanic psychology, any resistance to Islam is a crime.  Classic muslim reasoning. Exactly as in the islamic notion of defending the faith where any attempt to resist islamic primacy is considered an attack on Islam.

Muslims In France Warn Of Rising ‘Islamophobia’

Don’t fear your friendly halal butcher while he gently saws your head off:

 The audacity of the  zebiba boyz is unrivalled. The header could have read “French Muslims fear “backlash” for attacking police and torching large numbers of cars over identity check of  burqa wearing Musel-mama.


Yet another  horribly one-sided report from Radio Liberty Free Europe, who is totally in the Islamic bag.

Back to reality:

Convert brothers to Islam call for jihad in France

During their 12-minute appeal for holy war in French the two wispy-bearded young men wearing camouflage fatigues brandish Kalashnikovs as they urge President Hollande to embrace Islam and withdraw troops from Mali. (Pamela Geller)  Convert brothers to Islam call for jihad in France The Times

True Islam eliminates the competition:

But the real problem is “Islamophobia:”

UK: Number of Muslims attacking girls with acid and other corrosive substances soars

3 thoughts on “Being afraid of explosive breast implants is pure “Islamophobia””

  1. Quote: In July, Valls denounced as “unacceptable” a reported rise of violence against Muslims in France, adding that the country must be “uncompromising” toward those who attack people for their religious beliefs, as well as “all fundamentalists.”

    But he also warned that, “For Salafists, Islamophobia is a Trojan horse aimed at destabilizing the republican pact.”

    The minister gets it.

  2. The only time breasts should explode is when they break the clip on the bra.

  3. @DP111: Muslims are by their own definition slanderous and violent extortionists; for true justice, violent criminal attacks must be met with violent counter-attacks, so no amount of violence against muslims is “unacceptable” until they cease to be muslims. To say, as minister Valls did, the exact, opposite, while trying to reconcile his cowardly dhimmitude with his next statements, that: “the country must be “uncompromising” toward those who attack people for their religious beliefs, as well as “all fundamentalists” and while placing false blame on mere categorical sub-sets or symptoms of islam, such as “(for) Salafists, Islamophobia is a Trojan horse aimed at destabilizing the republican pact” means he either DOES NOT GET IT, or he gets it, and is too personally scared to do the right thing about it.

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