…and so, Islam spreads around the world:

Every Mustard is a Missionary Bandit:

“We all are ambassadors of Islam. It’s our duty to educate indoctrinate  and bulls#it  people about true Islam and its principles and remove the misconception of Islam in a gentle way,” said Lord Sheikh.

Lebanese “Grand Mufti” said the attacks in Beirut had nothing to do with islam and served Israel, while pointing finger

 Lebanese Grand Mufti warns all Muslims against unrest

… Describing the attack as “terrifying”, Qabbani said it had nothing to do with Islam and Islamic values.

He wouldn’t be a mufti if he wasn’t full of shiite.

grandmufti-lebanon“Those behind the bomb attacks have a goal which is to create unrest between Shias and Sunnis,” said Mufti concerning Thursday’s terror attacks in Lebanese capital Beirut which killed 21 people and left around two hundred people wounded.

Attacks served Israel and the aims of dividing Arab countries, he said and warned that similar attacks would happen again unless the politicians tried to find solutions to the problems. …

More nothing to do with islam at World Bulletin/16 August 2013 Friday via Mullah


I’m not shocked. But I’m still outraged about the a$$holes who voted for the Muselturd.

Obama To Hand All Your Private Info, Including Social Security Number, To Leftist Community Organizers (Dollard)

Moonbats Demand Nobel Peace Prize for Bradley Manning

By releasing a massive number of classified documents that put American lives in danger because he was in a funk about a homosexual relationship, then using his perversion as a legal defense, Bradley Manning did more than demonstrate why promoting homosexuality in the military is either deliberate sabotage or insane; he earned himself admirers in the moonbat realm of Truthout: (Moonbattery)

Yes, the Schlong is a hate crime:


‘Million Muslim March’ Scheduled for 9/11 Anniversary Draws Outrage

GOP Rep: Obama’s ‘Arrogant Disregard’ For ‘Voice Of The People’ Has Founding Fathers ‘Turning In Their Graves’

Pallywood Comes to Egypt

Injured Egyptian Brotherhood cought with fake wound?

Injured Egyptian Brotherhood fighter cought with fake wound on aljizz. Aljazeera which loves these people quickly changed when the wound was noticed to be fake.

Beachgoers help Muslim invaders invade Italy

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Holidaymakers in Sicily rallied together on Thursday to save 160 boat migrants, by creating a human chain into the sea.

Hijabees invade New Zealand: “ her faith is (their)  motivation.”

What Kiwis really need is a bunch of Paki tards looking to rule over them.


Muslim women rally for a council candidate

4 thoughts on “…and so, Islam spreads around the world:”

  1. And this too, it will explain why nothing can be done to reign in the media unless and until the Fink measley little recommendations are implemented.

  2. The muslim tart needs to get out more..I am fairly sure there has already been two muslim women involved in boards/councils in Christchurch , New Zealand.

  3. Fascism is for your own good. Slavery is Freedom, kamerade! Yes, yes … war is peace and oh, wow, is ignorance ever strength! My favorite shackles are the emotional ones. I only wish I could describe the comfort they provide… fascism is good? No, sir, it’s GREAT!!!

    I just love my slavery to allah: every day, I commit what others call crimes, but hey they can’t really be crimes, because allah let me commit them, right? And besides, I didn’t commit them at all – ONLY allah committed them, so there’s no way they were ever crimes in the first place! I sleep so well these nights, secure in my slavery to allah. Slavery is definitiely Freedom, and I’m so glad to be working hard to show everyone else on earth this divine truth, too! Whee!


  4. RE: “Lebanese “Grand Mufti” said the attacks in Beirut had nothing to do with islam and served Israel, while pointing finger”

    Hmm. Well, you know what they say? Every time you point a finger at someone else. there are three pointing back at you.

    RE: Obama To Hand All Your Private Info, Including Social Security Number, To Leftist Community Organizers

    Community organizers and other potential fraudsters have access to one’s personal details? The American’s already have a law in place called HIPAA which means, “that one’s medical information cannot, without permission, be shared with one’s employer or be used for advertising or marketing.”

    Community organizing seems as if it is a form of marketing? You can bet that there will be a plethora of fraud crimes coming from this law.

    As for the 9/11 march, that is just in plain poor taste and insensitive.

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