Do these people need our protection or do we need protection from them?

The Iranians have dispatched a network of covert assassins to hit Jewish, Israeli and Western targets. . And now the surreptitious hit-squad has finally been given a name: Unit 400.

Thousands of Iranians likely to remain in Australia |

These people do not need our protection. We need protection from them.


If you looked at these photos quickly you could be excused from thinking it was another Rugby Union team arriving to play.
Some of the starving refugees, from Iran, I guess they cannot afford food as all their money is being spent on steroids and gym fees.




2 thoughts on “Do these people need our protection or do we need protection from them?”

  1. Can we trust the govt to protect our society from these obvious roid munchers?
    Will we be given the unopposed right to self defense or will we be told to call the police if we need help?

  2. Folks – there will be a conflict with these pathetic islamic scum – they will be defeated but we have to put some work into that end – the very least you can do is make sure that you can protect yourself and those around you from these violent islamic slime balls!! The onus is on YOU, not our compromised police who are about as much use as Noddy’s Big Ears!!

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