Two massive bombs found by NSW police

The Australian via Vlad Tepes

Why would the soldiers of allah still want to bomb us when our politicians are falling over each other on the way to brownnose them?

 TWO massive bombs both bigger than those used in the Boston Marathon attacks were made and going to be used to a blow up a Sydney hospital and the Macquarie St offices of a leading Sydney eye surgeon according to NSW police.

They said two fully assembled bombs with detonators and packed with 60cm long shrapnel pieces connected to a butane gas bottle were found in a duffel bag under a home in Albion Park on the South Coast in April.

The devices were both set to go off at 1.48pm on a Saturday in April at the two locations but had not been placed.–Click to continue>>>

The Ayatollah’s are spreading the Islamic revolution around the world:

Iranian Hit Squad Dispatched by Khamenei Across World Plans Attacks on Jewish and American Interests

Iran Military Forces Parade During Iran's Defence Week

The Iranians have dispatched a network of covert assassins to hit Jewish, Israeli and Western targets in Turkey, Sky News reports. And now the surreptitious hit-squad has finally been given a name: Unit 400.

Thousands of Iranians likely to remain in Australia |

That’s gonna work out beautifully.

“Tehran will not take them back,” said the source. “This is intractable. We are stuck with them. They have no right to remain in Australia, but Tehran will not allow them back. We can’t return them. …  More enrichment at thanks to Mullah


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