“Extremists” in Sydney

Anti-Muslim Brotherhood protest in Sydney CBD

bo-copt-wide-20130824202136879087-620x349Angry protest: Coptic Christians demonstrate in Sydney on Saturday against Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

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DOD Training Materials Call Conservatives ‘Extremists’

Beware, all patriotic Americans who hold the Constitution sacred.  Obama’s Department of Defense has labeled you an extremist and a hater; and with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center they’re teaching military personnel how to identify you.  The DOD warns that sheet-wearing KKK behavior has been replaced with “talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place”.  The document, also, equates today’s Conservatives with Colonists fighting British oppression.  No surprise, they categorize the 9/11 attack as a “historical event”. (GWP)


Judicial Watch:

Under a section labeled “Extremist Ideologies” the document states, “In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.”

The documents were published by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute in January 2013. They cited the leftwing Southern Poverty Law Center repeatedly as a source to use when identifying hate groups.

Al Sharpton On Chris Lane Killing: ‘Nothing To Protest’ Because It Wasn’t ‘Racial’


They sure know how to hate:

Hating whitey is the new normal under the Obama regime:


“White racist trash” is cool, but don’t you dare say n*99er:”

Obama Owns This One Too:


Obama’s Sons: Daughter-In-Law Of WWII Veteran Says Black Kids Beat Him To Death With ‘Great Big Heavy’ Flashlights

Voter Fraud Got Them In:

Principles Confuse Leftards:

The IRS, the enforces of the Obamster regime:

Its not just about ‘spreadin’ the wealth around’, its about putting whitey in his place:

Extreme Stupidity

An Arab on al Jizz said it doesn’t matter who gassed  Syria, the West must go in, either way….

Top U.S. military chief says U.S. armed intervention wouldn’t resolve civil war or aid American interests

Common sense — but will it be heeded? “Syrian rebels do not support US interests: Top military chief,” from AFP, August 22:

WASHINGTON: US armed intervention in Syria would not resolve the civil war and rebel forces cannot be relied on to back American interests, the top military chief said in a letter to Congress.

Obama sends the 6th:

“If the U.S. goes in and attacks another country without a U.N. mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it – do we have the coalition to make it work?”
He didn’t bother  with a UN mandate when he bombed Libya (kinetic action) and he generally sees himself above the law. So why now…..?