Saturday Night Jihad


Morrison promises asylum to Egyptian Copts

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has told hundreds of anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters that a coalition government would offer asylum to persecuted Coptic Christians from Egypt.

Kevni Concerned: 

UnknownNothing that Kevin Rudd says or does about Syria will make the slightest difference, but it’s a good excuse for a self-importance break (and injury repair): Tim Blair

“We have noted carefully what President Obama has said.”


The Jihad President

Syria: multiculti hearts from the LOCAL bleed for Islamic jihadists who met the virgins

Lebanese-Swedish brothers who left their Scandinavian home for Lebanon, have died fighting alongside Syrian rebels, their cousin and a local cleric said on Saturday.


Mauritania doens’t suffer from slavery, poverty, ignorance & stupidity:  Zionists are the problem!

A group of militants led by Moktar Belmoktar has formed an alliance with the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) with the zeal “to confront the Zionist campaign against Islam and Muslims” in North Africa. They are also willing to fight against secular forces and have vowed to support the Islamists in Egypt and in the region. Their alliance is called “the Mourabitounes.”

“Islamophobia” in France

Not murder of Jews, not Islamic terror, attacks on the police and thousands of carbeques annually are the problem: the real problem is “Islamophobia”

Shock Horror: there is still resistance, in France!

A Muslim religious leader has denounced France’s “climate of Islamophobia” after an air force sergeant with alleged links to the extreme right was placed under investigation for attempting to carry out a terrorist attack against a mosque near Lyon. (The mosque in Venisseux is a famous jihad nest for Islamic head choppers)

UK: no violent Islamic headbanger must fear for his “human rights”

When he was jailed for four years the Home Office was told he would be sent home but an appeal has ruled that he has a right to stay in Britain indefinitely

Violent Bosnian with string of convictions can’t be deported because it would violate his human rights

  • Sanel Sahbaz, 30, came to Britain as a child in 1993
  • Since 2005 he has committed offences of theft, common assault, handling of stolen goods and assaulting a police officer
  • But lawyers argue that sending him home would separate him from his parents and brother and would breach his rights

Just a temporary setback for the MuBros:

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood calls for “Friday of Martyrs” mass protests, hardly anyone shows up

The Brotherhood’s greatest triumph — its attaining power in Egypt — has turned into its greatest disaster, and a massive erosion of its popular support in Egypt. But it isn’t dead by any means, contrary to some overconfident reports in the Western media, and it will be heard from again. Meanwhile, its stealth project in the U.S. of “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within” is proceeding swimmingly.–“Egypt’s bruised Brotherhood fails to show street power,” from Reuters via JW

Algeria opens investigation of donations to mosques used to fund jihad terror activities

Strange that they can do that and we cannot.

Isn’t it “Islamophobic” even to suggest that mosques may have been financing jihad terror? Will there be an outcry against the Algerian Interior Ministry’s “racism” and “bigotry”?

“Terrorism: Algeria, mosque funds under investigation,” from ANSAmed, August 22

Algeria: Robbing Christian Graves Becomes a Big Business

It’s not a banal act of vandalism. It’s a veritable business that is targeting Christian cemeteries in Algeria.

Looks like the muselmanic reconquista of India is in full swing:

India: Muslim mob attacks Hindu children with sticks and sharp weapons for singing Indian national song

Many Muslim clerics have declared this song un-Islamic, as its title means, “I bow to thee, Mother,” referring to India, and they consider that idolatrous. But to attack Hindu children with sticks for singing it is a new level of the demand for accommodation of Muslim sensibilities that we have seen so many times.

“Children attacked for singing Vande Mataram in Akhilesh-ruled Uttar Pradesh,” from Niti Central, August 17 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

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  1. Robbing Christian Graves reminds me of the jihadists smashing headstones of the Christian ‘dogs’ killed in WW2 and buried there. Julia Gillard, PM at the time, said she’d have the perpetrators brought to justice. Now she has time on her hands maybe she can let us know how she went with that.

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