“Friday of Anger” in Egypt

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This is what you get  in a country unable to feed itself, where Islam blackened the minds of the people and where Illiterate savages run amok. When there are no infidels to loot and kill Islam turns on itself.  Egypt’s future is ours if Islam is not stopped. —Egypts bleeds – and starves (Bolt)

UK:  No (Islamic) Terrorist Left Behind

The terrorist we can’t deport because of his human rights

Ministers are powerless to deport a convicted foreign terrorist who has lived in Britain for 12 years even though he has lost a long-running legal battle for refugee status, The Telegraph can disclose.

The Muslim man, who can only be identified by the initials “AH”, fled Algeria before being sentenced to death in his absence for his role in a bomb attack on Algiers airport.

He was later convicted in France of further terrorism offences but has been able to live in Britain since 2001 after coming here as an asylum seeker.

Homosexual Bullying 

A 19-year Air Force veteran said he was relieved of his duties after he objected to homo- marriage with his openly gay commander.  (GWP)

“Apologize, for all the things white people did to black people” 

It Begins… Man With Gun Tells Victim to Apologize to Black People  — GWP

Clown Investigation 

NAACP Ripped for Demanding Investigation of Missouri Rodeo Clown

Serial Racism Hoaxer Oprah: 

People Think If They Don’t Use the ‘N-Word’ They’re ‘Not Racist’

Obama Did That:

Video: Brutal Muslim Brotherhood attack on St. George church in Sohag, Egypt

Video thanks to JW

Egypt’s Christians Terrified After Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Attack Churches

“Friday of Rage” in Cairo

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood defies emergency order, takes to streets in “Friday of anger”


More bloodshed is certain to ensue. Calling the struggle (jihad) to overthrow the regime an “obligation” is to put the conflict in specifically Islamic terms: jihad becomes obligatory on every Muslim if a Muslim land is attacked. That is how the Brotherhood is framing its removal from power.

“More clashes feared as protesters vow ‘Friday of anger’ in Egypt,” by Reza Sayah and David Simpson for CNN, August 16:(JW)

“There has been more persecution of Christians in Egypt the last year under Morsi than there has been in the last 30 years”

Treat Terrorists like Pirates (EoZ)

International law today paralyzes civilized nations in their war against terrorism. In fact, Israel’s former Supreme Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak once bragged that “we fight against the terrorists with one arm tied behind our back.” But in my view, phony liberals who warn that we shouldn’t “sink to the level of the enemy” are pretentious, racist, and hypocritical.
Few among us understand that the most ancient foundations of international law are supposed to bolster, not weaken the war against terrorism. The historic parallel to today’s terrorist organizations are the pirates, those gangs of outlaws who instilled fear in the hearts of passengers on land and sea, and were defined as early as the time of the Roman Empire as “enemies of humanity.”

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