The Ghosts of Egypt

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Today’s NYT headline: 

Arab Spring Countries Find Peace Is Harder Than Revolution.

Tennessee shaken by “life-threatening pork allergy.”

They didn’t say it was to avoid offending Muslims. They said it was about avoiding food allergies. Tennessee elementary school bans pork to avoid offending Muslims

Fraud, Lies & Deceit: 

Obama Punishes Egypt by Cancelling Military Exercise that Egypt Already Cancelled

Obama jumped in to make it seem like he was canceling an exercise that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Counter-terrorism analyst shocked at the lack of genuine coverage of Egypt by MSM

Dr. Walid Phares, Fox News Middle East and Terrorism Expert

Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Outreach to Muslim Brotherhood

The Brotherhood protesters rejected all offers of compromise and all demands to disperse. The interim government’s response was heavy-handed, but the Muslim Brothers chose violent resistance — using women and children as shields (a tactic typical of Islamist terrorists). There Are Those Who Have Sympathy For the Devil–and Those Who Don’t


Raymond Ibrahim: In Egypt, Media Sympathizes with Muslim Brotherhood, Persecution of Christians Ignored

Over at NRO (via, I discuss the Western mainstream media’s bias, by always siding and portraying as “innocent victims” the Muslim Brotherhood while ignoring the sufferings of the truly innocent victims of the Brotherhood, in this case, the Christians:

…[T]he abuse of Egypt’s Christians has reached unprecedented levels in the modern era. Al-Qaeda’s flag has been raised above their churches; their pope is in hiding under threat of death; a priest was shot in front of his church, and another Copt beheaded; their children are being abducted; nary a day goes by without a church being attacked or set aflame; hate filled graffiti covers their homes and churches.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Son Claims MB is Blackmailing Obama with “Evidence That Could Put Him in Prison”

Khairat el-Shater

Khairat Al-Shater is at the top of the Muslim Brotherhood pyramid. He was supposed to be the original Muslim Brotherhood president.  Saad Al-Shater has gotten the impression that he can intimidate the United States. One wonders where he got that impression from. The Muslim Brotherhood may be about to overplay its hand in a big way. And that will be fun to watch.

Muslim jihadist from Denmark:

“the kafirs gave us everything free, but we only want jihad….” 

Ancient Egyptian Christian Monastery Set Aflame

As Muslim Brotherhood supporters continue their jihadi rampage on Egypt’s Christian churches—several dozens have now been attacked—it’s important to remember that their hostility is not simply directed to churches, but any and every expression of Christianity, including crosses, Bible stores, and even remote monasteries. Most recently, for instance, early Thursday morning (Egyptian time), hundreds of pro-Morsi rioters set fire to the Virgin Mary Monastery, also known as Muharraq Monastery, in Quwsaya, Asyut—one of the oldest monasteries in the world, which held many ancient Coptic manuscripts, likely now all turned to ash. Its flames reached surrounding Coptic Christian homes, setting some 15 aflame.

As I relate in Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians, Islamic attacks on Coptic monasteries are as old as Islam’s invasion into Egypt itself, that is, nearly 1400 years. Thus the persecution of Egypt’s indigenous, most original, inhabitants, the Christian Copts, continues unabated, in the same patterns, and in the name of Islam — that is, in the name of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, to its automaton-like devotees, is synonymous with Islam itself.

In addition to destroying numerous churches, Muslim Brotherhood attempts to destroy Library of Alexandria

They are following in the illustrious footsteps of the caliph Umar, who is supposed to have said when ordering the ancient, fabled library of Alexandria to be burned: “If the books agree with the Qur’an, they are superfluous. If they disagree with it, they are heretical.”

Another list is here. “Report on the attacks against Copts on 14 August,” from Watani, August 14

Here’s a list of the destruction.

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  1. I have started writing letters and informing as many people of any influence, from the Archhbishop to our MP and MEP.

    But above all we need to pray. So go to church and pray openly for persecuted Christians in the world.

  2. Britain and the West will be like Egypt, Syria, Iraq or Nigeria – churches burnt and Christians massacred.

    Muslims consider anyone not wearing Islamic clothes or some other identifying symbol, to be Infidel Christians. So for those who think they are atheists or agnostics – forget it.

    Time is coming soon when all of us have to decide which side we are on. This is a religious war. It is Christendom or the caliphate.

  3. The liberal enemedia’s only self-appointed job is to calm down us racists, no matter the facts. They are scared of us racist Whites’ “backlash” against the poor inferior swarthy animals’ natural proclivities for unwarranted, criminal violence. We must stop picking on the animals at all costs!

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