How to stone women correctly in accordance with Islamic law

Over the last three decades, as Islamic criminal rules have been integrated into the criminal regime of Iran, stoning to death has become one of the most challenging issues for the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). The brutality and inhumanity of stoning to death is so grave that even the IRI itself has, to a certain extent, restricted executions and, contrary to the teachings of Islamic jurispruden…See More


Why am I telling you this? Because even though this documentation was prepared to address the human rights violations in Iran, Islam is already proliferating itself throughout Western Civilization – in America alone, there are 22 states that have Islamic villages where American law enforcement dares not intervene. These muslims are allowed to govern themselves in the ways of Sharia, which is the polar opposite of our United States Constitution, but it is allowed in these villages because they know they are safe in America…Qatari money has ensured that safety.

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It helps also that they have a powerful mouthpiece that advocates for them – Barack Hussein Obama…

And a hundred times a day those words run through my mind;


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3 thoughts on “How to stone women correctly in accordance with Islamic law”

  1. RE: ““Emotional Hardness”– More than a decade on from 9/11, young Muslim-American women still report experiencing suspicion and discrimination.”

    So…what? Are we supposed to be ashamed? Contrite? You chose to wear cultural signifiers that identify your allegiance to a belief system. As you elected to come to a non-Muslim country, you are an aberration to the cultural and social norm that you have chosen to reside in. When you choose to war medieval dress in a post modern world expect to get stares.

    Where is the article for the plethora of Western women who get harassed and experience name calling or worse when we encounter Muslim men in our own Western countries?

    Why does one group of woman deserve compassion over another? The truth is they don’t, if not but for, Leftist ideology that always seeks to subjugate and ignore the inconvenience of their own cultural identity whilst glorifying the ‘Other’. Whilst, also conveniently, overlooking or denying unsavory aspects of the Other that are inconvenient to a position.

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