Wally Rubs It

Ostraya’s “moderate Muslim” for leftards, TV presenter Waleed Aly, declares his allegiance to his Muslim brothers:


On Channel 10’s The Project last night I noted ABC presenter Waleed Aly make an impassioned plea for sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood (as well as an attack on further attempts to stop what’s in effect illegal immigration into Australia, predominantly by Muslims). He was given a supportive hearing by the rest of the panel. It was a chilling moment – and it was not the only occasion when nice Mr Aly has sided with or runinterference for Islamists.

We can condemn the killings in Egypt and mourn the death there of democracy. But for Aly to present the events as simply a clash between a brutal military and their elected victims is a gross and deceptive simplification – a tale as fanciful as another Aly subscribes to, of Muhammad riding to heaven on a winged horse to take dictation from God.

As always, the truth is both grittier and more complex. (Source)

Obama Supports Genocide of Christians in the Middle East

There’s a clown in every crowd:


America’s Problems in the Middle East Are Just Beginning


Muslim History 101 (unitycoalitionforisrael)

This is what the fight is all about: In the center of Jerusalem is the sacred structure which the Jews label as the Temple Mount, and the Arabs refer to as the Haram al-Sharif (the noble sanctuary) and Al-Aqsa (the farthest Mosque). A mere 35 acres; yet touch it, and the Ummah [the Islamic homeland] will go to war. So who has the better claim? Ignoring the issue of political sovereignty, let us focus solely on which religion has the greater claim to that sacred space …

Things non-Muslims say to Muslims (Examiner)

When a person wears their religion on the head, they are bound to attract looks and comments from others when out in public ….

Muslim Burns Daughter to Death for Facebook (Free Republic)

A lot of parents have problems with the time their children spend using social media and with the content of their communications …

Behind Egypt’s bloodshed: being elected does not make extremists safer

Andrew Bolt

Adam Garfinkle says Egypt’s army decided to strike now before the Muslim Brotherhood became too strong:

I suspect they recognized that the longer they waited to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood encampments the better prepared the MB would be to resist. And they have resisted, and are still doing so.

Several score policemen are dead among the many hundreds of MB protestors in Cairo and around the country. So are hundreds of mostly innocent Copts, who have no recourse but to be on the wrong side of the Brotherhood’s murderous intolerance. Indeed, spending energy and resources to kill Coptic civilians and burn down their churches while Muslim police are bearing down on you with shotguns furnishes about the best example there can be of how MB fanaticism completely swamps its capacity for rational planning of any kind.

Eric Trager reminds us that democracy can be just another way of imposing authoritarian rule – or an utterly incompetent one:

I think Washington’s fascination with the Brotherhood is the product of a search for an Islamist organization that reflects the “culture” of the Middle East and isn’t violent. More on   being elected does not make extremists safer

“All those in favor of crucifying Zimmerman to free you creepy ass crackers from white sin, raise your hand!”  (Moonbattery)




6 thoughts on “Wally Rubs It”

  1. Yes Walid Ali is a first class liar and taqiyya merchant.

    As are most of his co-religionists.

    Nothing but a snake, here to aid and abet the Muslim takeover he and his like are planning, while the turds of the left applaud.

    He backs sharia and the Muslim brotherhood.

  2. RE: Things non-Muslims say to Muslims (Examiner)

    Oh, lets play things Muslims say to Non Muslims.

    “I will kill you.”
    “Behead those who make fun of the Prophet.”
    “Western Whore.”
    “Kill all Christians.”

    Gee, there are so many feel free to add one.

  3. Walid Ali is an unashamed spreader of the islamist message, working tirelessly and manipulatively for the global islamisation. He is omni present on many TV panels, and very ensconced in “our” ABC” who brings us relentless propagandist pro-terrorist comment, disguised as “news from Egypt”.

    He also sends his wife, islamically veiled to as many TV panels to double the impact of his propaganda.

    Personally I consider Walid Ali as one of the most dangerous political manipulators in Australia today, and I am nauseated at the thought that I am forced to pay for his disservice to our Western civilisation.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organisation, so declared in certain countries, it should be declared as such globally.

  4. The Project is the the Children’s Network (10) answer to the ALP’s Q & A broadcast weekly on THEIR ABC.
    Why Price bothers to appear on this Muslim ALP public Relations gab fest is beyond me, although he did work for many years on the Fairfax 2ue Radio in Sydney, maybe he is the token Australian.

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