Lars Hedegaard: Dracula in Charge of the Blood Bank

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If you have been the victim of an assassination attempt as I have followed by Danish-speaking Muslims who want to kill you all over, you can react in several ways.

You can cry, tremble, break down or apologize for what you have done to an old pedophile highway robber and serial killer. 

My reaction is rage.


I’m afraid that I started shouting, when a kindly man from the Danish intelligence and security service, PET, called me yesterday. He wanted to assure me that the police are in full control of the Islamic groups that want me dead. ”We are keeping an eye on them,” he said.

So the PET, which to my knowledge has a staff of 800, is keeping an eye on every mosque and Islamic organization and network in Denmark, which ex-imam Ahmed Akkari has just said are all run by extremists.

No they don’t! The contact between them means that the sly rulers of the mosques, paid by well-heeled bandits in the Middle East, take the police in and use them and the politicians they advise to further their mendacious message that Islam is fundamentally peaceful and loveable.

The PET has just announced a new ”anti-radicalization” strategy whose aim is to ask the mosques to exert their influence in order that young Muslims refrain from extremism and holy war.

Their next move will probably be to put Dracula in charge of a blood bank.

But of course the police must obey the government. The very government that has looked on while Danes have been subjected to Muslim violence, murder, rape and other crimes which their religion permits – or even orders themrto commit.

The perpetrators’ conscience is clean. Or rather: They have no conscience. All they need to do is read in the Koran and if they cannot read, listen to their imam, who will tell them what to do with apostates and infidels.

My rage is not directed at the followers of the prophet. They only do what Muhammed has told them to do if they want to go to heaven and avail themselves of 72 lusty virgins, drink buckets of wine and – if that is their sexual preference – mount willing boys.

As Winston Churchill remarked in a book from 1902, there has never been a more retrograde and stupid religion.

I refuse to believe that various Danish governments are more ill informed than Winston Churchill and countless other authors who have described Islam in thousands of books.

But our government doesn’t care. It has long ago entered the service of foreign rulers. Originally it was the state’s primary duty to protect its citizens from harm caused by foreigners but no more.

For the past 30-40 years it has been the other way around. Governments – whether they called themselves of the right or the left – have acted as claqueurs of a bloodthirsty and imperialist ideology and have zealously persecuted every Dane who has dared to raise his voice.

The policy or our current government is to pave the way for maximal Muslim immigration.

More and more commentators have noticed the likeness between Islam and Nazism. But though the Western democracies, England and France, have been criticized for not stopping Hitler when they could have done so, they have never been accused of directly aiding him in his quest for power.

Not so with our current government.

It insists on mass immigration of Muslims and it persecutes anyone who dares criticize Islam.

I know because a spent one and a half years defending myself in court for having criticized the Islamic view of women.

I am fully aware that Denmark’s Islamophile public prosecutor will read this article carefully to see if they can haul me into court again.

Let them come. A man who is living under death threats does not fear Islam’s servile helpers.

3 thoughts on “Lars Hedegaard: Dracula in Charge of the Blood Bank”

  1. Fight on Lars Hedegaard, when it is all over, you will be made a national hero, who defied the cowardly authorities and refused to live a lie.

    “But our government doesn’t care. It has long ago entered the service of foreign rulers. Originally it was the state’s primary duty to protect its citizens from harm caused by foreigners but no more.”

    This is the saddest truth that he stated and this action by our governments will be what will lead us all into a civil war? A religious war? And possibly a global war.


  2. The Canadian government is the same. Harper (who only believes the ends – his ends – justify any and all means by which he and his gang can cling to power) is now in bed with Obama in his illegal bid to start a war with Syria, attacking them for the “crime” of being gassed by, and then trying to defend them selves from, imported /trespassing heavily-armed jihadis posing as “civilian rebels.”

    The result will be WWIII, because Russia has sworn to attack the Saudis if this happens, and Iran has sworn to invade Israel.

    And what do we gain from all this? Secure oil? Not a chance! More likely all the Middle Eastern oilfields will be aflame … but then, maybe that’s been the plan all along!

    Obama’s caliphate just can’t wait for its virgins.

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