Syria: Obama Ready To Roll Without Mandate


The “humanitarian mandate” is of course the “Responsibility to Protect”, which is in itself an absurdity due to its extremely selective enforcement and its ideological abuse. And who is heading this “RtP” project? Well, a hardcore apparatchik like Samantha Powers of course, whose husband is Cass Sunstein. You may also remember Power from her role in Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign (she resigned after calling Hillary Clinton a “monster”). She’s also the wife of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs’ Administrator Cass Sunstein (of “Nudge” fame).

The corruptocrats at the UN get their marching orders from the OIC anyway, which means the Obamessiah regime doesn’t need no stinking mandate. Will this be more ‘kinetic action’ or is this another ‘overseas contingency operation?’

Syria: UN inspectors mandated only to determine if chemical weapons were used, not who used them

Yet that is the decisive point. But it appears that the desired conclusion has already been reached, and the facts just don’t matter. “U.S. Talks Tough on Syria, Ramps Up Attack Planning,” by Adam Entous and Sam Dagher in the Wall Street Journal, August 25

US ready to launch Syria strike, says Chuck Hagel

“We are not bound by any… blah blah, “humanitarian mandate” applies, or something….

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel says the US military is “ready to go” in responding to Syria

American forces are “ready” to launch strikes on Syria if President Barack Obama chooses to order an attack, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel says.

“We have moved assets in place to be able to fulfil and comply with whatever option the president wishes to take,” Mr Hagel told the BBC.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said there is “undeniable” proof that Syria used chemical weapons. (BBC)

 Soddy Barbaria offers to protect Russia from (Islamic) terrorism

Saudis Offer Russia OPEC Membership, Terror Immunity for Olympics

The malevolent sons of the desert acting like a world power. (spit)

Zawahiri to Syrian Rebels: Damascus First, Then Cairo, Then Jerusalem - 

Do you need more confirmation that the ‘rebels’ are indeed al Qaeda?


Zawahiri has been urging the Syrian rebels to follow in the footsteps of the medieval Islamic warriors Nur ad-Din and Salah ad-Din, who in the Twelfth Century consolidated anti-Crusader Muslim power in Damascus and then Cairo, before Salah ad-Din ultimately recaptured Jerusalem from the Crusaders. - 

“Obama knows all of this. He just can’t say it.”

‘Obama Just Can’t Say It’

If you’re a cynic like I am this will crack you up.

The MuBro’s in the house:

Muslim Brotherhood-Linked ISNA Continues To Work With The Obama Administration

“The White House is not embarrassed about this relationship,” Mauro said. “They publicly brag about this relationship and the fact that they’re going to continue it.”


Hugging the Brotherhood to Death »


The Radical-in-Chief may have destroyed a terrorist group without even trying.

WAR? Defense Sec. Hagel Says U.S. Forces in Position and Ready to Strike Syria

  • • “We are prepared”
    • WaPost: Would be “limited” but serve as “punishment”
    • Reuters: Western powers say expect strike within days
    • AP: Oil jumps
    • UK recalls parliament
    • Syria vows to defend itself

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  1. just as Saudis threatened Russia with chetchen zombies, are they threatening the US with am. jihadie zombies?

  2. Ass Bunstain is the Obama junta cabal’s minister of Propaganda, and his wife is in charge of the obscene false lefty “Right To Invade At Will” crime.

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