Police fears for Adelaide “mosque priest” Sheikh Sharif Hussein’s safety following hate rant

Poor Adelaide “Mosque Priest!” 

Thanks to Mullah


All he did was practice his religion. Unfortunately, some filthy kafir took a video of his rant, wherein he calls for the murder of all Buddhists and Hindus. He also called Australian soldiers “Crusader pigs” who raped ‘thousands of  muslim women’– (Its a common muselmanic schtick to accuse the accuser) Now this  victim  of his peaceful religion needs our protection.

How nice of the police to protect him. From whom exactly?

Everybody seems to be doing it these days:

The father-of-six, 55, was visited by police in Adelaide on Thursday and they told him authorities held “concerns” and “fears” for his safety. Full article below the fold.

We reported earlier:

Just another out-of-context Muslim hate-preacher wanting people dead

Andrew Bolt

AN Adelaide based Islamic headbanger calls for all Buddhists and Hindus to be killed and describes Australian soldiers as “Crusader pigs” in an online video.

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Sahih Bukhari: Vol 9: 84: 64: So, wherever you find them [kafirs], kill them, for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection.

AN Adelaide Islamic preacher was under police investigation last night after he was filmed calling for all Buddhists and Hindus to be killed, prompting fears for his safety.  (Telegraph)

The Advertiser understands that Sheikh Sharif Hussein, who has previously been visited by Australia’s intelligence services, is being investigated for potential “hate crimes”.

The father-of-six, 55, was visited by police in Adelaide on Thursday and they told him authorities held “concerns” and “fears” for his safety.

Detectives are examining video of his sermon, believed to have been delivered in part at a tiny centre in Adelaide’s west, in which he described Australian soldiers as “Crusader pigs” and called on Allah to kill Buddhists and Hindus “to the very last one”.

READ MORE: Police study sheikh’s hate rant

In the video clip, published online this week by the US-based Middle East Media Research Institute, the preacher also attacked Jews, former Prime Minister John Howard and US President Barack Obama while speaking in Arabic.

The well known member of the Adelaide Islamic community further told more than two dozen followers that Muslims were being raped and slaughtered around the world.

It remains unclear when and where the video was filmed. Friends claimed it “grossly” misrepresented him and was a heavily edited recording taken from several 45-minute sermons.

It was also suggested it was a recording of one lecture in March, delivered at the Islamic Da’wah Centre of SA, in Torrensville.

The married Sheikh, who declined repeated requests for comment, was formerly connected to a mosque on Marion Rd, Parkholme.

DAVID PENBERTHY: Sheikh’s rant straight from al-Qaida central

His activities have been under surveillance by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation and the Australian Federal Police.

In 2007, the Federal Government blocked $250,000 in Saudi Arabian funding for the mosque where Sheikh Hussein regularly preached.

The money was stopped amid “security concerns” about one individual at the mosque and followed the arrest of a former member in Iraq for allegedly conspiring to commit terrorism.

Yesterday, the Sheikh’s latest comments, revealed by The Advertiser, provoked condemnation from Islamic and political leaders and prompted a police inquiry.

A South Australia police spokesman confirmed officers had “received a complaint about this video and are investigating the matter”. He said: “The YouTube clip is an edited version of a longer sermon. Police will examine the entire content of the sermon to gain the full context and determine whether any crime has been committed.”

Police sources confirmed one line of inquiry related to potential “hate crimes”.

South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, who wrote to Police Commissioner Gary Burns seeking an investigation, questioned whether any laws had been broken.

“This appears to be advocating for violence against others on the basis of their religious beliefs and as such, may be in breach of vilification laws,” he said.

But Wagdy Elgeezawy, the president of the Da’wah centre, insisted his friend, who remained “good” yesterday, had not committed any crimes. (MUST LEAVE)”

‘There is nothing criminal about expressing his views or being emotional about people who committed crimes towards muslins,” he said.

Dr Waleed Alkhazrajy, an Islamic Society of South Australia spokesman, said the disturbing comments contradicted the “peaceful religion”.

An AFP spokesman said it was “aware of the video” but said it was a state investigation.

The AFP and ASIO did not “confirm or deny” who they investigated.

I want this Mofo gone. Along with his brood and his congregation. All of them!

4 thoughts on “Police fears for Adelaide “mosque priest” Sheikh Sharif Hussein’s safety following hate rant”

  1. This prick needs a bullet in his head. how dare he come to our country and rave about killing innocent people. The Australian government are a bunch of useless fools if they let this continue. Nothing surprises me about Australia any more.

  2. We need to congregate outside the mosque and make some noise!
    I for one have had enough of this so called religion calling for the infidel to be beheaded and getting away with it and desecrating our fallen, its time we show that Australia is in no way going to kowtow to these koranimals even though the govt will!

  3. Good on Senator Bernardi for blowing the whistle.

    Anybody notice something odd? – none of the news reports about the hate-monging Sheikh have featured an opinion from the Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu communities in Australia. I would have thought that the very first thing any journalist would do, once this came to light, would be to share the clip with Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu religious and/ or community leaders within South Australia, and also in Australia nationally, and ask them how *they* felt about it. It’s the Jews, Hindus and Buddhists – and, too, those who represent the Australian soldiers and their families here in Australia who might well be targeted (as Lee Rigby was) by Mohammedan assassins because of the incitement against ‘Crusader pigs’ – who should have been contacted, first and foremost. It’s they whom the police should have rushed to reassure; it’s RSL clubs and visibly Hindu and Jewish and Buddhist installations (e.g. Buddhist monasteries; Hindu temples, and visibly-Hindu businesses; Jewish synagogues and schools) that our police should have contacted and warned, and around whom security should now be stepped up.

    It should not be forgotten, by the way, that at last count (2011 census) there were, considered together, twice as many Buddhists and Hindus in Australia, than Muslims; in 2006 the Buddhists were the fastest growing religious group, and in 2011 the Hindus had overtaken them.

    So perhaps this Mohammedan is shrieking with rage against the Hindus and Buddhists, and cursing them with such energy, because they are actually, in potentia, a splendid reinforcement to the rest of the Aussie kuffar population.

  4. The Jews, Hindus and Buddhists should be getting together, stressing that they feel deeply intimidated and anxious, and demanding that this hate-monger be shipped off back to Tunisia with his wife, or wives, and offspring, pronto. Come on guys. Kick up a stink! Play the victim card – a REAL one – for all you’re worth. For Muslims have killed lots of you, in the past, and are still doing it whenever and wherever they get the chance. *That* is the ‘context’ of this Muslim gang boss’s hysterical rant.
    The election approaches. Aussie Buddhists: please vote en bloc for whichever politicians show even the smallest hint of being prepared to stand up against the Mohammedan mob. Remember what one of your brothers in Myanmar just said, “The World Is Not Only For Muslims”.

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