Who Needs a Democratic Egypt?

The Muslim War Against Christians

The Facebook page of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party is rife with false accusations meant to foment hatred against Copts, including the absurd claim that Church has declared “war against Islam and Muslims.”

As Egypt’s Islamists blame Christians for the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, anti-Christian violence has reached epidemic levels, with an estimated 82 churches across Egypt attacked and heavily damaged by Morsi supporters in a mere 48 hours.


Unfortunately, the persecution of Christians is nothing new in Egypt or other Muslim-majority countries. But thanks to the mainstream media, few Westerners understand the true scale or nature of the horrors involved.

As you read this, Christians around the world are being murdered, raped, plundered, abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, or otherwise oppressed by Muslims. Christians in Muslim-majority areas are some of the most vulnerable and horribly oppressed people on Earth; they live at the mercy of the mob and receive little or no protection from the police or other government institutions. (More here)

Deranged Muselputz Accuses Copts of Burning Their Own Churches

Amjad Qourshah, an Islamic studies professor at the University of Amman in Jordan with ties to the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), has unleashed a tirade of anti-Christian venom against Egypt’s Copts, accusing them of burning their own churches. (Breitbart)

Who Needs a Democratic Egypt?  (Sultan Knish)

All the community organizer’s horses and his men couldn’t put the Muslim Brotherhood back together again.

Given a choice between a militaristic Egypt that helps us fight terrorism and a democratic Egypt that is run by Islamists who collaborate with terrorists, putting our political capital into the Islamists in the hopes that they’ll convince the terrorists that the ballot box is mightier than the truck bomb is suicidal insanity. We need a democratic Egypt about as much as we need sensitivity training from Mayor Filner. A democratic Egypt is unstable, vulnerable and unfriendly. And those are just its good sides. –

We don’t need a democratic Egypt. Even Egypt doesn’t need a democratic Egypt. What we need is an Egypt that is stable and not too excessively sympathetic to our enemies. And the best way to get that is to leave it alone. 

John Bolton: “U.S. should back Egyptian military, like it or not”

 “The Muslim Brotherhood is not a normal political party as Westerners understand that term. It is an armed ideology — a militia that fires on its opponents and burns down churches.”

Oil-Funded Al Jazeera May Become ‘Climate Change’ Network

  • Its all about redistributing other peoples money.

Al Jazeera Airs Fake Egyptian ‘Dead Protester’ Video

“Fake but accurate”– taken to another level: Al-Jizz forgets to edit poor acting footage of injured and dying Brotherhood member in Cairo as he miraculously springs to life

 The US media continues to Lie and cheat to cover Obama’s ass.

More than half of America doesn’t even understand the real issue in Egypt. The obama controlled media is nothing short of communist propaganda spewing lies to keep the agenda machine turning… We need a revolution of our own.


Last year after the 9-11 terror attack in Benghazi, President Obama, vociferously condemned a video of Muhammad during a speech at the UN. Now we hear little to nothing from the President specifically condemning the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their savage and cowardly attacks against the Coptic Christans – including the murder of a 10-year-old girl leaving Bible study. President Obama demanded Hosni Mubarak step down, yet called and congratulated Mohammed Morsi, a former imprisoned member of the Muslim Brotherhood, on becoming Egypt’s president. The Egyptian military is not fighting against peaceful protestors, they are trying to save their country from the group founded in 1928 that is the ideological foundation of Islamic terrorism.There can be no “coexistence” and reconciliation with this band of violent jihadists who seek worldwide Islamic domination under sharia law. We are watching and wondering, on whose side does the Obama administration really stand?