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Swiss towns block illegals from Public assets. Opponents cry “racist”

Switzerland’s share of asylum-seekers is well above the European average.-BBC via Vlad Tepes

Muselmaniacs massacre 450 Kurds in Syria, including 120 kids (H/T Vlad)

3.  Ayuub Mohammed was sentenced to five years in a young offender’s institute for holding up two London hotels

 First Eid for converts (Fiji Times)

Islam clergy and Pesh Imam of Masjid-Al-Haqq in Milverton Rd Sheikh Shafiqur Rahman Khan with his newly converted followers who will celebrate Eid at Raiwaqa.

“Uncorked Animals”

The real crime is of course not throwing rocks or burning cars; the crime is to call fanatical Islamic headbangers’uncorked animals” (PuffHo)

The bad Mike Huckabee open line (Arkansas Times)

Headlines and love offerings result. Fox News host Mike Huckabee recently asserted that Muslims spend their holy day by praying at the Mosque and then acting “like uncorked animals.”

Australian candidate calls Islam a ‘country’ (UPI)

An anti-immigration candidate for the Australian Parliament referred to Islam as a “country” and said “Jews follow Jesus Christ .”

Breaking the Fast with World’s Tastiest Treats (The Skanner)

Editor’s note: Aktar Islam is one of Britain’s premier chefs, specializing in South Asian cuisine.

In Egypt, Eid Brings Bitter, Sweets (Voice of America)

After the biscuits cool, women fill boxes which they distribute among protesters and neighbors that support their cause.

Tashded Nails The Sura (New Haven Independent)

Five-year-old Tashded Uddin not only made his teacher proud with a mellifluous recital of Sura Al Ala , he won free pizza pies for demonstrating his newfound Arabic skills on the last night of Ramadan.

Islamic “Science” and Other Nonsense (Free Republic)

The video that you can see by clicking on the link just below this post title is that of a BBC lynch mob against Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, during the programme called – a misnomer – FreeSpeech on BBC3.

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Muslim prayers in Northampton park to celebrate end of Ramadan (Northampton Today)

Muslims will be celebrating the end of Ramadan with prayers and a community day on the Racecourse in Northampton today.

State Dept. creates Office for Religious Engagement (Voice of America)

 The new office is the outgrowth of an initiative by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said it was important to engage foreign religious groups …

Workman: Pro-Islam History Textbook Offensive (News Max)

A textbook with a pro-Islam bias used in Advanced Placement history classes in Florida schools is “bigoted because this book only wanted to not offend one particular group,” State Rep. Ritch Workman tells Newsmax TV …