Sri Lanka: Buddhists Revolt Against the Mohammedan Expansion Project

The reports are lousy, as always.

Looks like the journaillie on ground is still awaiting their marching orders, so they get the narrative right. Al BeBeeCeera pins the riot on the resisting Buddhists, rather than on Mohammedan aggression. Telling the truth has consequences; and so far we  are only told that “Buddhist mobs” attacked a mosque. We are not to know whether the mosque is an illegal structure or not; we are not supposed to know what caused the sudden attack, but you can rest assured that it has nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

Buddhist  Attack  Muslim Prayer Centre Stronghold

Bells In The Nearby Buddhist Temple Rang Out Before The Attack

 Police Curfew Imposed

The Ravana Balaya group called for its relocation within one month.  Security forces personnel have now been stationed around the mosque to assist the police to keep calm.

Sri Lanka Buddhist mob attacks Colombo mosque BBC

A Buddhist mob has attacked a mosque in the Grandpass area of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo

Vlad Tepes has video:

No reports from Kashmir:

India (Jammu): Hindus Under Attack from Muslim Mob & Secular Media Trying to Hush-up the News:

August 9, 2013 Jammu: After today’s Eid Namaz an armed mob of 20,000 Muslims marched toward Hindus & attacked them. Many Hindus were severely injured & some are critical. While this was happening, another mob attacked & burnt shops & housed owned by Hindus. Serious arson, looting & murders went on for long since the morning Namaz. Until afternoon there was no help from the Govt. Then came police but of no use. Many Hindu youth are in hospitals with bullet injuries in arms & abdomen. In the afternoon Govt sent Army there but with no orders to shoot at sight on the killers. The mob went on rampage. Army kept on doing flag march & the info from there is that the 20,000 strong mob even looted army weapons.