The Dhimmi “Solution”: When Western Governments See Their Own People As The Enemy

With links from the Religion of Peace, BNI, JW, FP

Hassan Shibly,  CAIR’ spokesturd: “normally in favor of free speech, but….”


Camoron’s “Solution”  

With British soldiers massacred in the streets by Muslims, thousands of young girls forced into sex slavery by Muslims, and Muslim NO GO zones on the rise, David Cameron announces a crackdown

With his country beleaguered by a rising wave of Muslim crime against the native population, including a plethora of pedophile rings, rape and murder, the British Prime Minister says the victims have only themselves to blame.

British Prime Minister David Cameron says a high-level taskforce set up would take on ‘Islamophobia’ and alleged violence against Muslims.

You just can’t make this stuff up. (BNI)

al-Qaeda to U.S: ‘Islam is Coming and There is No Other Choice’…

“If only we could talk to the terrorists…” (they would love us…. or something)

What do terrorists really want? They want to win, while we seem to want to lose. The foreign policy prescriptions of liberal experts like the idea of us losing. (Daniel Greenfield)

Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Brotherhood Outreach

by :  Sens. McCain and Graham’s shameless visit to Cairo — and what our media failed to report.–Read More »

When Failure Carries No Cost 

by : Why the Obama administration feels free to cover up its crimes. – Read More »

No “Right Wing Extremist” After All:


Boston Marathon jihad bomber was “very, very religious,” gave friend “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

No Islamic jihadist fails to note the significance of the Qur’an’s designation of the Jews as the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82).

“Tsarnaev friend tells of beliefs in conspiracies,” by Sally Jacobs for the Boston Globe,August 8 (JW)

The White House’s Visas-for-Terrorists Program »


A new report raises more questions than answers on why a known jihadist was allowed in the U.S.–Read More »

French Dhimmitude at the New York Slimes:

Multicultural befuddlement in Roubaix, a heavily Muslim burg in northeastern France. Muslims, “feel at home here,” she raved.

They came to rule, not to be detained:


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  1. “The White Man Is the New Nigger”

    HERE is a book you are not likely ever to find at your local Barnes and Noble or public library. It’s called The White Book: A Manifesto for the European Diaspora. Just as The Gulag Archipelago wasn’t on news stands in the Soviet Union, this book won’t even be discussed openly. It essentially doesn’t exist because it is a book about a forbidden subject, an evil subject, a dirty subject, a subject so disgusting you could lose your job and friends if people knew you had read it. The author, Robert S. Oculus III, does not dare use his real name. For he has written a book about white people, and he affirms the right of white people to exist as whites.

  2. Ever since England went back on their word regarding the Balfour Declaration, they have been in decline. Now it seems they are becoming an islamic hell hole. They should turn back to God and repent, and start supporting Israel. Time for a miracle….

  3. It’s quite clear that the British establishment are waging an ongoing immigration war against their own people. What other explanation is there?

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