The Warmongering Muslim POTUS

US Soon to Go to War With Syria Over Previously Nonexistent WMDs

For years we were told these weapons never existed. Now we are told we have to attack another country because of them. (Moonbattery)

US, UK planning to launch military action to aid al-Qaeda in Syria within days


The fools will unleash catastrophe of a proportion that neither they nor anyone else can imagine.

  • “Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of” – New York Times, April 28, 2013
  • Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda – USA Today, April 11, 2013
  • “Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria,” by Tim Ross and Ben Farmer in theTelegraph, August 25 (JW)

Obama Acts Like ‘Muslim Godfather’ With His Approach to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Egyptian-Gen.-Abdel-Al-Sisi-300x208As you can see from this picture, the Egyptians got his number. In the U.S., the Obamabots are still gushing over his blackness (which comes in more ways than one…)


Jihad groups trying to “turn the hearts of Muslims and bring them to jihad in Allah’s path”

Once again we see jihad recruitment proceeding on the claim of Islamic authenticity. “Wahhabis calling upon Muslims in BiH to join them in ‘jihad in Allah’s path,'” fromInSerbia, August 26:

How dare filthy U.S. kafirs criticise the sultan of Turkey!

Caliph Erdogan

Turkish PM blamed Israel for Morsi’s downfall, unrest in Egypt; says US condemnation shows the world’s “double standard.”

(Tundra Tabloids)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan chastised Washington for having denounced his claim, made last Tuesday, that Israel was behind the coup that deposed Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood- affiliated president, Mohamed Morsi.

“What is it to the White House that it should respond?” Erdogan said on Saturday. “It should not have mentioned it, it should not have reacted like this. As two members of NATO, that one ally shows this kind of approach to the other is not appropriate.”–More here.

How to respond? Why, build another mosque, of course:

Mosque construction sparks controversy in Istanbul

A mosque with the world’s highest minaret is under construction in Istanbul. Critics of the project say it was badly planned and fear it represents a step towards a stronger Islamic influence in Turkey.

From Deutsche Welle

Turkish government promoting Islamic schools at the expense of secular education

The rapid re-Islamization of Turkey under Erdogan continues. “Turkish government promoting Islamic schools at the expense of secular education,” from Asia News, August 24 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

No “Allah” For Christians  (GWP)

Malaysia Bans Christians From Using Word “Allah” (In Malay Language Allah Means God)

This has been in the making for a long time. I for one don’t see why anyone should want to use the word ‘allah’ if he is not of the muselmanic persuasion.

…the word ‘Allah’ pre-dates Islam. It is not a creation of the Muslims and its existence does not begin in the Al-Quran….


In Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, Christians are forbidden from using the word “Allah”.  A Malaysian Catholic newspaper challenged the government ban, but was rejected unanimously by the Court of Appeal.  In the Malay language “Allah” means God.  So, after centuries of its use, Christians in Malaysia are, in effect, now forbidden from saying God.  Only Muslims have that exclusive right.

According to UCA News,

A Catholic weekly newspaper in Malaysia this week lost its latest legal battle over the right to use the word ‘Allah’ for God in its local language edition.


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  1. You make compelling arguments Sheik, and provide overwhelming evidence, yet nobody that matters takes any notice.
    Don’t despair, your not the only one who can see through the bullshit.

  2. GWB + WMD =Bad
    BHO + WMD = Good

    I think they should be left alone but they will make Syria an even worse place than Libya, with full support of Rudd and Cameron.

  3. Syria: UN inspectors mandated only to determine if chemical weapons were used, not who used them

    Yet that is the decisive point. But it appears that the desired conclusion has already been reached, and the facts just don’t matter. “U.S. Talks Tough on Syria, Ramps Up Attack Planning,” by Adam Entous and Sam Dagher in the Wall Street Journal, August 25

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