They hate us because they hate…..

Hilton Chickens Out

Muslim Brotherhood CAIR-Canada strong-arms Hilton hotel to cancel Pamela Geller/ Robert Spencer Event

 Jihad against free speechers:

Here again we see Muslim Brotherhood groups intimidate and harass in order to impose the sharia on free societies.

Fast forward. We are scheduled to speak September 17th. Muslim Brotherhood groups, upon hearing that we would be speaking, went into Brotherhood mode, threatening, intimidating and spreading lies and libel in order to scare good folks into canceling this much-needed event. Here is the letter that was sent to the venue where the JDL is hosting the event: 

Muslim Brotherhood CAIR attempts to takes down anyone who resists.

The Jewish Defense League, the group that invited us, responded with this letter:  Continue reading “Muslim Brotherhood CAIR-Canada strong-arms hotel to cancel Pamela Geller/ Robert Spencer Event” »

Boteach Tosh

Michael Jackson’s love rabbi explaining to us what Moslems think:

“Readers of my columns will know that I am one of Jewry’s foremost defenders of Islam. “

Get over it, Shmuley. You are making an ass of yourself. They hate us because we are Jews.They hate Christians for being Christians.  They hate us because we are not Muslim. They hate…. because they hate!  They hate everyone who is not a  follower of the religion of “peace”. (The comments are unflattering.)

CAIR decides who is ‘qualified to teach about Islam’

CAIR demanded that “Islamic Awareness as a Counter-Terrorist Strategy,” be canceled, claiming the instructor, Jordanian-born Sam Kharoba, is unqualified to teach about Islam because he depicted the religion as inherently violent.

CAIR, a  MuBro front, was named a co-conspirator in the financing of the terror organization Hamas.

“Counter-terrorism training is too important to be left to those who promote a bigoted political or religious agenda,” said CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab. “Our state’s law enforcement agencies should work with credible leaders of the Muslim community to address any issues related to Islam.”  (Fox guarding chicken coop idiocy at the examiner)

The Truth about Egypt –

Michael J. Totten

Eric Trager, a scholar at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and an expert on Egypt, explains: “The Muslim Brotherhood is certainly not democratic. Its view of Egyptian politics is one in which it should control everything. For example, while it is willing to pursue power through elections, once it comes into office its goal is to establish an Islamic state in which it and its institutions control the Egyptian bureaucracy and institute its version of Islam while sidelining and oppressing all opponents.”


“‘Moderate’ is an even less accurate word in describing the Brotherhood…. The process of becoming a Muslim Brother is a five-to-eight-year ordeal where potential Muslim Brothers are vetted through five tiers of membership that tests their commitment to the cause and their willingness to take orders. Anyone who has second thoughts about the organization, the ideology, or their willingness to blindly do what they’re told, is out.”

“A lot of observers thought it would become more moderate when forced to actually govern, but what those analysts overlooked is that the Brotherhood prevents moderates from becoming members and prevents members from becoming moderates.”  (World Affairs Journal)Observations: Israel’s Message on Egypt: Keep Cairo from Falling Apart, Then Worry about Democracy – Herb Keinon (Jerusalem Post)

  • Israel’s message to Washington and key European capitals regarding Egypt is that the military should be supported to help get the country back on track, an Israeli official said.
  • “The name of the game right now is not democracy,” the official said Sunday. “The name of the game is that there needs to be a functioning state. After you put Egypt back on track, then talk about restarting the democratic process there.”
  • The official said that in the present reality the only actor that can assert authority in Egypt and keep it from descending into chaos is the military. “Like it or not, no one else can run the country right now.”
  • Unlike the U.S. or the European countries, Israel neighbors Egypt and will be impacted directly by developments there. Sitting on Egypt’s border, Israel faces the prospect of a critically important neighboring country descending into anarchy.
  • “You can scold [Gen.] Sisi all you wish, but at the end of the day, you want a functional government to rule the country.” Otherwise, he said, the country would risk falling into an anarchy that would be exploited by local and global jihad forces.