9/11: Twelve Years Later

9/11: Twelve Years Later

9/11 was a moment of utter moral clarity that has been succeeded by twelve years of moral chaos. Twelve years of duplicity, flim-flam, double-dealing, humbug. Twelve years of timorousness, incompetence, impotence.

The greatest crime of all was  keeping the soldiers on the ground in the dark about the true nature of our enemy. (Bruce Bawer)

Obama to Muslims: tell me what you want!

A series of Muslim Outreach Summits are planned coast-to-coast by the Obama administration to get feedback from Muslims on how the government can better serve them and their specific desires.

The president’s adopted home town of Chicago will be the first stop.

Remembering 9/11 And 1,400 Years Of Endless Muslim Brutality Through History

Can someone please explain to us what Obama is doing with the fake tears and bent head at the 9/11 ceremony today? Haven’t we seen enough? It is ISLAM and Muslims who have been the largest contributing factor to wars, death, horrors, slaughters, invasions, slavery, and looting in our history. 9/11 is only one of […]  (The Muslim Issue)

Iran on U.S.: “If they stand against our religion…we will destroy their world”

A bracing reminder of the fact that despite all the obfuscation and denial at the highest levels, the threat we faced on 9/11 is still with us. “Iran threatens widespread retaliation against US and allies,” by Reza Kahlili for the Daily Caller, September 10 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Iran is ramping up its threats to the United States even as the American effort against Iranian client state Syria has ground to a crawl….


Christian city in lockdown as military pursues Islamic jihadists

No one will take much note of this. People expect it, even as they mouth the fashionable moral equivalence arguments. If this were a Christian group forcing a Muslim city into lockdown, it would be international front-page news; but this story, on the other hand, is just one of a great many. Yet people will still insist that Christianity and Islam are equally likely to inspire violence in their adherents.

More on this story. “Christian city in lockdown, as Philippine forces pursue Muslim rebels,” by Cheryl K. Chumley for The Washington Times, September 10 (thanks to Twostellas):

Security forces in Zamboanga City, a large predominantly Christian port city in the Philippines, kept the community in lockdown mode on Tuesday while they pursued a Muslim rebel group accused of launching an air-and-sea strike against the region the previous day.

Residents who abandon their homes, carry their belongings as about 200 Muslim rebels, enraged by a broken peace deal with the Philippine government, held scores of hostages as human shields Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013 in a standoff with government forces for the second day at the southern port city of Zamboanga, in southern Philippines. More battle-ready troops and police were flown to the southern port city in a bid to end the crisis. The troops have surrounded the Moro National Liberation Front guerrillas with their hostages in four coastal villages since the crisis erupted Monday.
Todays “Nothing to do with Islam” Bulldust


The mistrust is also caused by us Americans listening to the wrong voices. For far too long, we have allowed a plethora of pseudo-scholars, so-called “experts”, and ideologically driven activists to monopolize our national discourse on Islam, turning Islamophobia into a multimillion-dollar industry.


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  1. in memoriam of all those who were murdered on 9/11

    Give sorrow words;
    the grief that does not speak
    Whispers the o’er-fraught heart
    and bids it break.
    ~ William Shakespeare, in Macbeth, Act IV, Scene III

    ……Never ever forget.

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