Al Shabab sheik: “Our aim is to attack our enemy when they least expect us.”

Nairobi attack: Game-changer for East Africa?

As Kenyans recover from brazen assault, many wonder what response is forthcoming for al-Shabab.

Sheikh Abulaziz Abu Muscab: “Our aim is to attack our enemy when they least expect us.”

Security has already been beefed up across Kenya, but analysts say the dozen-or-so masked gunmen, who killed more than 60 shoppers during four days of terror, exposed Kenya’s failure to guard the most prestigious shopping centre in its capital. (al jizz)

Islam, the religion of retards the professors:

Mark LeVine, professor of Middle Eastern history at UC Irvine, and “distinguished visiting professor” at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University in Sweden:

“Who exactly is going to take over providing health services and education to the millions of people the Brotherhood serves? The Egyptian government? Not likely,” writes Professor LeVine

We leave that to you, professor. Put your money where your mouth is!

Another one of Obama’s sons shoots four white people for being white

Sharpton, Jackson, Harris-Perry & Toure’  gone AWOL:

Toure’ has other priorities:

Egypt has issues:


Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy told the London-based Al-Hayat daily that Egyptian relations with the U.S. were “turbulent” and the Egyptian public has “unprecedented negative views” toward the United States.