Muslims are victims?

After The Savagery In Kenya, Tell Mama’s Fiyaz Mughal Makes Out Muslims Are Victims


Never one to shy away from the limelight as we saw in the aftermath of Woolwich. Where  Fiyaz Mugal and Tellmama spearheaded their own dawah campaign to turn the focus of attention away from the murder of  Drummer Lee Rigby by 2 Muslim killers into Muslims being the victims. Claims by TellMama of Muslims living in fear, a massive surge in hate crimes against Muslims and a never-ending cycle of violence being quoted by almost every media source in the UK.


WaPo befuddled by Kenya shopping mall mass-murderers “ambitions & personality”

Al-Shabab leader’s ambitions appear to be as complex as his personality

NAIROBI — The alleged Somali mastermind of the assault on a posh mall that killed scores and jolted Kenya is a man of contradictions.  Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr, known as Godane, is bookish, eloquent in both Arabic and Somali, recites poetry and is known to quote from obscure academic journals, analysts say.

What a lot of horseshit. The scribbler, a , seems to be another one of those  looking for ‘sex under the burqa’ – or something.

India: Infidel, “man-made” law prevails

Muslim Personal Law cannot override criminal law

A Muslim is accused of kidnapping and raping a 17-year-old girl, but he contends that Islamic law allows him to marry her even if Indian law doesn’t. However, Judge Kamini Lau has ruled otherwise: “I may observe that India is governed by secular concepts provided under the Constitution and Sharia cannot override the same.” This is straightforward: one law for all. It is a shame that Kamini Lau is not a judge in Britain, where Sharia courts take criminal cases in defiance of assurances that they wouldn’t, and the concept of one law for all is rapidly being lost.

“Muslim Personal Law Can’t Override Criminal Law: Court,” from, September 25 (thanks to JW)

Melanie Phillips:

 A devastating truth

What are those facts?The first is that the Arab-Israel nine decade-plus war is not a boundary dispute about the division of land. It is a war of extermination by Arab aggressors against the internationally-agreed right of the Jews to govern themselves in their own historic homeland.
The second fact is far more devastating. The single most important reason why this Arab-Israel war continues apparently without end is that, from the very start, first the British and then the Americans and the EU have rewarded Palestinian Arab aggression and punished its Jewish victims or pushed them to surrender. Not surprisingly, the Palestinians have therefore been encouraged to continue to attack Israelis with impunity, to this very day.

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