Asshole(s) of the Month

Here, take your pick:

Finnish fruit loop: “Desperation” fueled the terrorist group al Shabab in Nairobi attack

By that logic,  one could say that if the same HS journalist was covering the fighting in WWII, he would be filing reports about how ”poor Nazis are being driven by desperation to commit crimes against humanity”. (Tundra Tabloids)


Tony BLiar, where would we be without him?


‘A toxic abuse of religion’: Blair blasts militant groups and says Islam must be put ‘in its proper place’ in politics

  • Former PM called extreme Islamist ideology ‘insidious and venomous’
  • He said those with religious faith must be more tolerant of others

Go and buy your pasta somewhere else!


Gay Activists Homo’s Call for Boycott of Major Pasta Company After Chairman Claims He’d Never Feature a Same-Sex Family in Ads

Oh yes he did:

He does what any Muslim would do:

Obama Trying To Turn U.S. Into An Islamic State (at a hundred miles an hour)

Jerry Eldred (thanks to Mullah pbuh)

Dalia Moghaed, credited with helping President Obama draft his June 2009 Cairo speech about American relations with the Islamic world, recently downplayed attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christians on a Facebook page.
Not willing to do a bloody thing:
 Muselmaniacs murder 100.000 Christians on average every year.
What took them so long?

No moderation to see here:

‘Moderate’ Rouhani Gives Anti-American Speech at UN

Fresh from rejecting President Barack Obama’s attempt to meet him at the United Nations, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani launched a blistering anti-American attack from the rostrum at the General Assembly on Tuesday, accusing the United States of bigotry, “crimes,” and anti-Shia prejudice, repeating the tone of his irascible predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinehad. Rouhani also attacked Israel and the West in general.

Obama to UN: Trust Me, If Not America


President Barack Obama struck an apologetic tone at the United Nations Tuesday, reassuring the General Assembly that the U.S. had “shifted away from a perpetual war footing,” and describing new limits on America’s use of soldiers, drones, and intelligence. His address followed one by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who criticized U.S. spying and earlier canceled a state visit over allegations she had been targeted.