Lets turn it around!

They say “non-muslims are a legitimate target”–  does that not make all muslims a legitimate target?

Fatwa of Ulema of Damascus: “It is legal to confiscate goods belonging to Christians, Alawites and Druze in order to buy weapons”

So why don’t we confiscate all goods belonging to Mohammedans residing in the West?

Damascus (Agenzia Fides) – Life for Syrian religious minorities gets more and more difficult and in the conflict they are the most vulnerable sectors of society. As Fides learns, 36 ulemas (Muslim religious leaders) of Douma, one of the largest suburbs of Damascus, issued a “fatwa” (a legal decree) that legitimizes the right of the faithful Sunni Muslims to seize and take possession of goods, homes, property belonging to Christians, Druze and Alawite and members of other religious minorities” who do not profess the Sunni religion of the Prophet”.


The fatwa openly invites to “boycott and break any relationship with the people of Damascus who betrayed the revolutionaries or abandoned them”. Confiscated property, states the fatwa – of which Fides received a copy – will be used in part “to purchase weapons”, in part to help orphans, the poor, the families of martyrs and widows.
“We call on our people to cling to our Islamic traditions and regularly attend the house of God (mosques) in order to safeguard our soul and society”, says the text of the ulema .

As reported to Fides, the leaders of the various Christian churches are seriously concerned, noting that such measures do nothing but “exacerbate violence on sectarian basis, which scars Syrian society”.


Jihad mass murder plotter says there is no moderate or radical Islam — “there is only one Islam”

I tried to tell ya……


“Esseghaier is also quoted saying that there is no such thing as moderate or radical Islam — that ‘there is only one Islam’ and only one God.” In response to this, self-proclaimed “moderate” groups in Canada and the U.S. will not challenge or refute Esseghaier’s understanding of Islam, but will instead denounce as “Islamophobes” anyone who asks them to do so.

“Train terror suspect: 9-11 was a ‘tap on the cheek,'” from The Canadian Press, September 26 (thanks to JW):

One of the Via terror suspects has called the 9-11 attacks a “tap on the cheek” compared to the violence committed by the West.Chiheb Esseghaier is quoted telling La Presse in a prison interview that the Iraq embargo, Afghanistan conflict and support for Israel are examples of the West “plunging a knife into the body” of the Muslim world, by comparison.

La Presse says that, over the course of two interviews, Esseghaier never denied the charges against him. He is one of two people accused of plotting to cause a train disaster in the Niagara region.

According to the newspaper the Tunisian-born scientist also appeared to offer a vaguely worded hint that he is far from unique: “I am only a drop of water in the sea. A detail,” he is quoted as having repeated multiple times.

Esseghaier is also quoted saying that there is no such thing as moderate or radical Islam — that “there is only one Islam” and only one God.


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  1. It’s right in the Qur’an and most sahih ahadith: our blood and treasure won’t become sacred to muzbags unless and until we become muzbags.

    “Only muslims are innocent” is also a large part of their official canon.

    So YES it should work both ways (rights only come with responsibilities).

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