From “Rohingya” to “Climate Change” to Dementia

Like the Fakestinians, who were  Arabs until they lost the 1967 war, the “Rohingya” are an invented people. They are not a race, they have no coinage, no culture, history, no king and no language that makes them a people; they are simply Bangladeshi Muslim invaders and usurpers in Burma. They are Mohammedans who claim rights under the law of allah. The Burmese should throw them all out.  Bangladesh needs to resettle them. The UN, the “international community” (represented by the OIC) must be told in no uncertain terms that civilised countries will no longer support the Mohammedan invasion of non Muslim countries.

(Al jizz) “Rohingya” refugees face off with Thai police

(EDL Buck: Boo fucking hoo)

Published on Sep 6, 2013 (Vlad Tepes)

ASIA-PACIFICRohingya refugees face off with Thai police In Northern Thailand, a standoff between detained Rohingya refugees and police has entered its second day.The group is among the more than 35,000 people who are believed to have left western Myanmar since January.They have fled anti-Muslim violence to uncertain futures.Al Jazeera’s Veronica Pedrosa reports from the scene in Nong Khai.

They should kidnap his  gangster”sons” instead:

Michael Coren & Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch – Sept 5, 2013 (Vlad Tepes)


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Tim Blair – Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Coalition takes aim at academic indulgence:

Millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants for obscure research projects – such as the role of public art in climate change – will be scrapped or redirected …

Good start. But where might all of this cash be otherwise spent?

… to find cures for dementia.


2 thoughts on “From “Rohingya” to “Climate Change” to Dementia”

  1. Notice that “Rohingya” in western Burma, saying that they flee persecution, don’t go to seek refuge with co-religionists and co-ethnics (and if truth be told in most cases co-nationals) in nearby Bangladesh on the western border of Burma, but choose to cross into Thailand on the eastern border of Burma, to a country that is itself experiencing muslim insurgency in its southern provinces that neighbour peninsular Malaysia.

    They cross the whole width of Thailand passing through people who are their accused persecutors. It’s because they know that the UNHCR already operates in a big way in Thailand so they’ll find a sympathetic ear and receive western aid channelled through the UN and NGOs. They can also apply for resettlement in the first world where they can find either employment or better social benefits. It’s a sort of welfare razzia rather than a sword razzia.

  2. Thank you, that helps explain why Rohingya are showing up in places like Nong Khai where they don’t have even an imaginary right to be.

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