Hugh Fitzgerald: The Mental Baggage of Muslim “Refugees”

Here’s the story:

At least 21 people drowned when a boat carrying dozens of migrants seeking asylum in Australia sank off the coast of Java, Indonesian officials say. The boat carried people from Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen.

And an update:

Abbott turns back two boats, just like Labor wouldn’t


Remember how Labor swore Tony Abbott would or should never use the navy to send boat people back to Indonesia?

Muslims Flee The Islam-Caused Wretchedness Of Muslim Lands, But Bring Their Islam With Them And Attempt To Impose It, In Ways Little And Big

Muslims are raised up — are taught in the texts (Qur’an, Hadith, Sira) — to despise the mere man-made laws and customs of the non-Muslims. to feel contempt and hostility, and even murderous hostility, toward Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and all other non-Muslims, and to suppress them if they raise any obstacles anywhere to the spread and then the dominance of Islam.

Yet when they flee their own lands, made wretched and miserable by Islam itself, for it is Islam that explains the automatic recourse to extreme violence, it is Islam itself that explains the failures of that strange creation, the Muslim nation-state, it is Islam itself that explains the Muslim inability to create and sustain political institutions other than autocracy or despotism, held in place by money and and a near-monopoly on arms, it is Islam itself that explains the economic backwardness of Muslim states, among whose members are countries which have since 1973 alone been, collectively, the recipients of some 20 trillion dollars in unmerited oil and gas revenues but all of which are held back by inshallah-fatalism and an inculcated hatred of bida, innovation or change, it is Islam itself that explains and justifies the mistreatment of the otherwise fructifying non-Muslim minorities that have supplied a disproportionate number of the professional classes in Muslim states wherever they have been allowed to continue to live, it is Islam itself that explains the miserable condition of women — some of them adjusted to, and even defending, their chattel status — in Muslim societies, it is Islam itself that explains the inability to think clearly, the hysterical acceptance of conspiracy theories that always have, as their underlying theme, the malevolence of some non-Muslim power or powers, it is Islam itself that explains the miserable level of schools — save for the handful of those run by Western religious orders, as Victoria College in Egypt (Anglican), Baghdad College (Jesuits from Boston College), and others in Pakistan, and a dozen other Muslim states, where the elite send their children to Christian-run schools, and then to universities in the West, and when they are truly sick, visit doctors and hospitals in the West (from Harley Street to the Mass General and Children’s Hospital — crammed with niqabbed women and their deformed brood, the product of the inbreeding that Muslims in many societies practice because of the cousin-mariage that is a product of mistrust of the wider society), and every single wretched aspect of Muslim failure can be traced to the effects of Islam.

Here’s a story, supposedly one to tug at our heart strings. But the only reason for sorrow is that these boats, full of Muslims, keep heading toward Australia, toward Italy (Lampedusa), toward any Western country they can get into, by declaring themselves, absurdly, to be “refugees” when they are merely fleeing what Islam creates, and unlike refugees from the Nazis and the Communists, these fake “refugees” bring their Islam with them, undeclared, in their mental baggage, do not give it up, and what’s more, once they are in the West, aggressively try to impose their ways on, instead of gratefully accepting the ways of, those who so unwarily and suicidally, at this point, decide to take them in. Not one Musliim at this point should be allowed into the Western world. Look around that world. Look at what the large-scale presence of Muslims has done to the tenor of daily life wherever large numbers of Muslims are to be found. Look at the gigantic expense of trying — and failing — to teach these Muslims to sensibly integrate into Western societies, which to be effective would require them to re-interpret — an impossible task — Islam itself, or at least no longer take it to heart, and this they cannot do. Look at the colossal security costs of having a large Muslim population to monitor. Look at the hostility, the demands, the aggression, the physical danger, the everything, the quieting in the classroom, or the university halls, or the law firm, of candid remarks about Islam because how there are Muslims present, ready to pounce, ready to be inflamed, ready to sue.

Here’s the story:, about people who might have tried to get to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U. A.E., Oman, where people speak the same language and share the same faith and so on. Or they might have tried to get to Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or Indonesia (which they saw only as a way-station to Terra Australis) . But they were dead set on a well-run country, a country that is formed by non-Muslims (who remain their enemies), one that could be seen, as the entire West can be seen, by Muslims as a kind of turn-key operation, now working well and ready to be taken over by Muslims whom, those Muslims think, can continue to run the place even with, despite, Islam. So they head toward the countries of Western Europe, or toward Canada (with Quebec, having favored “francophones” that includes, and has most benefited, maghrebins who are regarded with distate and alarm by French immigrants to Quebec who are leaving France, among other reasons, because of its Muslim population). And also to Australia, a country that has no connnection whatsoever to Islam, save for the crime and aggression caused by Muslims, mainly from Lebanon, who have entered the country in the last two decades of naivety, and near-insane unvigilance.

Muslims From Lebanon, Jordan, And Yemen Travel Thousands Of Miles To Get To A Western Country

They flee the messes — the permanent wretchedness — of countries made messes by Islam. But unlike refugees from the Nazis and the Communists, they bring their Islam with them. They do not come, to warn those among whom they settle about the dangers of Islam, as refugees from the Nazis did about Nazism, and refugees from Communist-seized regimes did about Communism, but unable and unwilling to recognize the effects of Islam — the aggression, the violence, the hysterical pitch of life, the despotism, the economic backwardness, the mistreatment of non-Muslims and of all women, the conspiracy theories, the inability to think clearly — they come, try to get in to Western lands by hook or crook, and then try to make sure that they cannot be expelled, but they do not integrate, despite the best, and most expensive efforts of the Westerners who continue, with suicidal naivete, to take them in.

Here’s the latest story, of Musilms who travelled one thousand, two thousand, three thousand, four thousand, five thousand miles, passing through, or passing the coastlines of, many dozens of Muslim countries, some of them, as in the Gulf, fabulously rich — and yet they did not try, not once, to enter and stay in any of those Muslim countries, did not try even to enter India, say, or the countries of southeast Asia, nor Indonesia itself, which was merely a way-station on the way to their real goal: Australia.

There is no end to this. Millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of Muslims would enter the West if they could. They have to be stopped. Not some of them. Not most of them. Not all “but the women and children.” No. All of them. There is no solution, except to keep them out. The Western governments have a right and a duty to do this. They are supposed to protect their own citizens, the laws and customs of their own peoples. This they are not doing, or doing wanly, insufficiently. At this point, after all that is known — and widely known — about Islam (as we have all had to become sudden scholars about this wretched business)– there is no excuse.

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  1. Take a look at the footage (ABC) today from Muslim assholes who have tried to blame the Australian government for the drownings.

    They chose to jump on a boat- they were closer to Indonesia ( very close) than Australia.

    We don’t want these entitlement whores here. In one weekend paper, they hve been in contact with Muslim relatives in Melbourne.

    Queue jumpers- Muslim invaders. Thank God Abbott is a whisker better than those idiots in the ALP.

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