The Muselmanic Damage Control Machinery Springs Into Action

The “nothing to do with Islam” spin machine keeps spinning: the muslims are “tired of condemning”. “Peace” (the “value we all share?”)  There is much blather about   the “values that bond”,  and “consequences of doing nothing are too great….”  A closer look reveals that the spin doctors are carefully groomed western converts, well paid and  tenured in institutions of higher learning; and properly (mis-)guided by their Muslim (Arab) handlers.

Being gullible and stupid is worse.

How The Western Press Protects Islam, And Muslims

The careful omission of the words “Islam” and “Muslims” in news reports about terrorist attacks and atrocities,here./by Hugh Fitzgerald

Muslim Pride Over That Deed Of Muslim Derring-Do At The Westgate Mall 

The Muslims involved claim that it is really Allah who deserves all the credit. They are being too modest.


The Mesa Nostra shall pacify neuter you:

“Interfaith” racketeering goes into orbit:

International and national “experts” to discuss peace, democracy in the Middle East at Loyola

John O. Voll is associate director of the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. He is also an Islamic history professor  propagandist at Georgetown and is a past president of the Middle East Studies Association, as well as the New England Historical Association. …

Iran Puss TV:

Interfaith conference held in London over global atrocities

Suckers Wanted: Londonistan has played host to an interfaith conference to show solidarity with the victims of a number of recent global atrocities. The incidents include the ones in Kenya’s Westgate Mall, the bombing of a church in Peshawar in Pakistan, the violence in Iraq and the on-going conflict in Syria.

Malay headbangers still obsessed with kafirs questioning the special rights of Muslims

“We have to send the right signals to the non-Muslims, don’t touch our fundamentals,” - PUTRAJAYA, Sept 28 — Malay-majority political parties must present a united front on Islamic issues to dissuade non-Muslims against questioning the special rights of the Muslim Malays