Israel – The happiest country on Earth?

Take this, haters:

Israel – The happiest country on Earth?

Have you ever googled “most hated country in the world”? As you can imagine, Israel ranks as one of the highest, right next to North Korea and Iran. Let’s face it, in some circles our Jewish country is just not that popular. Yet, if you research the happiest country in the world, Israel tops the list.

An article published by The Asia Times reads, “Envy surrounds no country on Earth like the state of Israel, and with good reason: by objective measures, Israel is the happiest nation on Earth…. It is one of the wealthiest, freest and best-educated; and it enjoys a higher life expectancy than Germany or the Netherlands. But most remarkable is that Israelis appear to love life and hate death more than any other nation.”Take a minute and think about that. Picture that from above. Israel is geographically engulfed by countries that are hell-bent on destroying her, constantly radiating negativity or actively attempting to kill her civilians. With all that hostility aimed at the Jewish state, Israelis are walking the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem the happiest people in the world. It’s absolutely remarkable.

CBS Laments That Pope’s ‘Religious Street Protest’ Is Anti-Obama



Pamela Geller:

This is fantastic news. I have supported these Marines ever since the story broke in January 2012  (above) . The Islamic supremacists and their enemedia toadies were practically calling for a beheading of these US soldiers for insulting Taliban savages.

The Marine Corp withdrew the charges because senior commanders had interfered in the case to get a guilty verdict.This is the enemy within at the senior level.

Yes, it was bad form. Reprimand, yes. Revoke a weekend leave but a court martial?  Are Obama’s political brass working for the Taliban?

Marine Corps retreats on court-martial charges in Taliban urination case Washington Times, September 7, 2013 (thanks to Van)

The Marine Corps has suddenly dropped criminal charges against an officer in the infamousTaliban urination video case, heading off what promised to be an embarrassing pre-trial hearing for the commandant on Wednesday.–Continue reading “Victory in Victory Tinkle Case! Marine Corps drops charges in Taliban urination case” »

From the Religion of Peace:

Assad’s Dead Baby Strategy  (Gatestone)

Yet another reason for Obama to stay away from Syria.

What are We Muslims Doing to Ourselves?  (Gatestone)

Although this Muslim writer seems a bit naive about the prominence of Sharia in Islam, her inside look at Hizb-ut-Tahrir is quite interesting.

Other news:

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  1. Israel is great, that’s why I am visiting there again this year, and I hope to keep going back as often as I can…

  2. I am not surprised that Israeli’s are so happy.

    Well done and very admirable.

    I would add that what also makes the Israeli’s so happy IMHO (and much of the West) is that they are really futurist. They are always looking forward and because of that they are genius at invention and creation of pioneering technology in many areas. Proof of the Israeli’s forward thinking is backed by the number of patents that have come out of Israel since it’s inception versus the entire ME.

    Israel, wishes for your continued longevity.

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