Palin: “Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President needs to seek Congressional approval before taking us to war.”

“Conservative” Landslide in Australian Elections

“Conservative?” Tony Abbott’s National Liberal Party is hardly “conservative”.

Downunder, its all socialism, all the time.

Sarah Palin: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’ In Syria

“Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President needs to seek Congressional approval before taking us to war.”  (even  leftarded PuffHo cretins show  support for her views!)

Funny Obama picture - Pot smoking Choom Gang

Sarah Palin sees Australia from her house

Australian Sarah Palin cartoon

A new app originally named “ghetto tracker” is causing all kinds of controversy.

 Critics call it racist and classist, saying it’s a way for the rich to avoid the poor.  Wanting to Avoid Getting Mugged, Raped, or Killed Is Racist

New York: “the next white person who walks by I’m going to f**k.”

No black racism to see here, move on:

Police said that the attack may have been a hate crime.

“His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground,” the unidentified witness added. Jeffrey Babbitt, 62, has now been declared clinically brain dead.

“Coalition of the unwilling” crumbles:

Not an ally. Not a friend:

“yes we can” and “we have a right to be stupid”

Breaking Bad America - Obama and Biden cartoon

John McCain: “Maybe we should legalize” marijuana

Ah, that explains it. “Hey, Allahu akbar, boys, pass me that joint!” “John McCain On Marijuana: ‘Maybe We Should Legalize,'” by Paige Lavender for The Huffington Post, September 6: (JW)

Sen. John McCain indicated he may be changing his stance on marijuana legalization during a town hall event in Arizona on Thursday.Arizona Daily Star columnist Tim Steller tweeted that McCain said “maybe we should legalize” during the Phoenix event…

Ed Asner Explains Hollywood Silence on Obama, Syria: They ‘Don’t Want to Feel Anti-Black’-– (seriously, it doesn’t get any dumber than that. Pat Dollard)

2 thoughts on “Palin: “Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President needs to seek Congressional approval before taking us to war.””

  1. It is true that Muslims can do no wrong, it says so in the Koran. It is always the faulty he of the Kaffir, it says so in the Koran. So, if it says so in the Koran it must be right. Also Muslims are the only innocent people in the world, it says so in the Koran. It also says that killing Kaffir is obligatory in the Koran, but first they must be told to convert to the only true faith: Islam. If they fail to convert they must be killed. That little bit about paying Jizya is just to confuse the Kaffir into believing that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is not about peace, it is a political-religious ideology of Hate. That is why Islam and Nazism are near images of each other as both require Hateful ideas to further their expansion. The people need to be taught how to Hate and Hate well. Even today we see the rise of Nazism that was a political-religious ideology of Hate all over again through the European Union. Islam continues its magic spell over the western ignorant, especially politicians, media and academia. Comment negatively against what I have said if you like, but it doesn’t change the reality.

  2. @L.J. Middleton

    What Nationalist are you referring to in the EU? Clarification please.

    The EDL? Generation Identitaire?

    In the 21st century who are the Nazi’s? Most current EU countries are currently dominated by Communist pushing an anti-people, anti-culture, anti-national apologist agenda?

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