It is time to behead the ‘interfaith’ hydra!

Jihadis Celebrate 12th Anniversary Of 9/11

Pamela Geller has a good selection of devout Muslim postings on September 11

Next they will blame global warming:

Mohamed Ariff, Professor of Finance at Australia’s Bond University, has said Islamic banking was expanding slowly in the world because of Islamaphobia.

Play it again, Kinza:

Islam played an important role in shaping recent American history.

I always noticed a lot of overlap between American values and Islamic values: the concepts of equality, justice, peace, and civic duty. This is why I was surprised when the image of Islam was being shattered in the media after 9/11— made to look like a violent, hateful religion.— Vomit bag, quick!

From our “Islam elevates women” series:

Taliban kill woman for adultery, blame her for lack of rain. April 2013

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Interfaith Snake-oil From Ingrid Mattson:

US Interfaith Relations Improve After 9/11

Bomb the infidels and they will submit.

“Muslims – like Christians and Jews – have an interpretive tradition which we read those verses and reinterpret them for our life today,” Dr. Mattson.

That’s just rubbish. Islam is not to be interpreted, especially not by some lowly female who’s witness is only half of a man’s. Islam is perfect; it has to be taken straight up, undiluted.

“Dr.” Mattson remembers how other faiths jumped to defend Islam, building a friendship based on mutual benefit and making interfaith relations much stronger than they were prior to the September 11 attacks. (Dreadful)

TIME Magazine’s eyewitness to young Syrian man beheaded by Obama-backed jihad rebels —The monstrous truth is that Obama is now sending arms now to these savages. (Pamela Geller)

Residents of ancient Christian town of Ma’loula write a letter to the USA Congress: “What will happen when the USA bombs Syria?”

Linkdump from Vlad:

1. Another rapper-jihadi gets it doing jihad in Somalia

2. Abu Hamza’s lieutenant cannot be sent to America to face terror charges because it will breach his human rights

3. Zimbabwean immigrant, 32, jailed for infecting his girlfriend, 16, with HIV then telling her to sleep around

4. German Court ruled ‘social reality of life in Germany came above her religious beliefs

5. In Denmark, a new group emerges of women who want to fight Islamic oppression of women. At last.

6. City busses in Ottawa sport ‘truther’ adds suggesting 911 was an inside job. (interestingly, yesterday I also saw an add on a bus warning gay men to take no as an answer)

7. West Quebec institutions undecided on ‘opting out’ of Charter of Values(Burka ban)