“Terror made me victorious”– Muhammad, Profit of Islam

Terry Jones arrested for  “transporting hazardous materials.”

‘Hazardous’ indeed. What could be more hazardous than that dirty book of the Mohammedans?

Pastor Terry Jones was reportedly arrested in Polk County, Florida just before 5pm ET Wednesday for “transporting hazardous materials.” When he was pulled over by police, Jones had 2,998 kerosene-soaked Korans in the bed of his pickup truck as well as in a large barbeque grill he was towing behind him.


Two hostages of Syrian jihadists say chemical attack was “launched by the rebels as a provocation to lead the West to intervene militarily”

Wouldn’t be the first time: in Srebrenica the Muselmaniacs were also shelling their own people to fool the West into supporting them against the Christian Serbs.

War is deceit, said Muhammad. “These Two Men Allegedly Overheard Incredibly Explosive Skype Conversation While Being Held Hostage in Syria,” by Jason Howerton for The Blaze, September 11:

Two Europeans who were allegedly abducted and held hostage for several months in Syria claim they overheard a conversation between their captors suggesting the Syrian rebels were behind the deadly chemical attack in Damascus. The men were released on Sunday.

CIA has begun delivering weapons to Syrian jihadists


Twelve years after 9/11, we are arming the ideological brethren of those who struck us on that day. “U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels,” by Ernesto Londoño and Greg Miller for the Washington Post, September 11:

The CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels in Syria, ending months of delay in lethal aid that had been promised by the Obama administration, according to U.S. officials and Syrian figures.


Christian jailed for “shaking the faith of a Muslim”

Clearly the officials who fined and jailed this Christian were moderates; in Saudi Arabia he would have been executed. Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate Morocco: “Moroccan Christian Jailed for ‘Shaking the Faith of a Muslim,'” by Joseph DeCaro forWorthy News, September 12:

RABAT, MOROCCO (Worthy News)– A Moroccan Christian has been fined and jailed for “shaking the faith of a Muslim.”

Grievances, grievances: 

Awkward: O’Reilly’s Jesse Watters Talks to Muslims About Terrorism, Islamic Radicals

Arabs kill Arabs, and it’s all the Jews’ fault

…the (Egyptian) army has been attacking Islamists in the Sinai by falsely claiming that they are terrorists and criminals, when the truth is that the army’s real goal is “securing the border region with the Zionist side, and making a buffer zone to protect Jews from any threats from militants in the Sinai, and prevent any strikes of the Mujahideen against the Jews.”– More:  Egypt besieges Gaza; NGO blames Israel

“Incompetent witness” vs incompetent judge:

A Tel Aviv district court has rejected legal claims against Palestinian officials accusing them of incitement against Israel which led to “terrorist” attacks against Israel and Israelis.Bizarre Israeli ruling that PA does not practice incitement

Gitmo Scandal:

Muslim rebels Jihadists have attacked a second town in the Philippines while they continue to hold scores of hostages in a standoff with government forces in a nearby city.

Troops have surrounded the fighters and their hostages in four coastal villages.

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