Nethanyahu: don’t fall for Iran’s smiley campaign!

Israel’s Netanyahu urges Obama not to ease off sanctions on Iran

Israel’s Netanyahu to warn US, UN about Iran’s ‘smiley campaign’


Netanyahu, who contends Iran is using conciliatory gestures as a smoke screen to conceal an unabated march toward a nuclear bomb, will meet with President Obama Monday to deliver strong words of caution to the U.S.

A wary Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned the U.S. not to let up on sanctions against Iran, during an in-person meeting on Monday with President Obama just days after the U.S. president held a historic phone call with Iran’s Hassan Rouhani. Israel has panned Rouhani’s latest diplomatic push as a “smiley campaign.”  

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“Obama’s Day: A Government Shutdown and Israel”

Busy day.  (I bet, all in all, he’d rather be golfing.)

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One might have hoped that Obama’s calamitous mishandling of recent Middle East crises, climaxing with his disastrous response to the Syrian use of chemical weapons, would have taught him a few lessons on regional politics.

It is unconscionable that even during this turbulent period with the upheavals in Syria and Egypt, the Obama administration blinds itself to the real barriers to peace and exploits the Iranian nuclear threat as a vehicle to pressure Israel to maintain this Alice in Wonderland negotiation charade. By demanding that we make further unilateral territorial concessions in the absence of ironclad security (which is currently impossible) the US is pressuring us to gamble with our lives and future.

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  1. . As long as Iran continues to pursue a nuclear weapons capability, build longer-range ballistic missiles, sponsor terrorism around the world and abuse human rights, the US should impose maximum economic pressure on Iran to give diplomacy a chance to succeed. Regarding human rights, Rouhani can start by immediately releasing the 7 hostages taken in the Ahsraf massacre. On September 1, Iraqi forces killed 52 residents of Camp Ashraf, and took seven hostages. In this massacre, ordered by the religious fascism ruling Iran, the attackers’ shot unarmed people while their hands were tied behind their backs and they delivered coups de grace to the wounded lying on hospital beds (video ). This is a great crime against humanity that should not go unheeded in silence and inaction, especially that the rest of Ashraf residents and 3,000 residents in Camp Liberty are threatened by similar massacres. All residents of Ashraf and Liberty, including the 52 that have been cold-bloodily murdered, are protected persons by the Fourth Geneva Convention and asylum-seekers with U.S. and UN responsible for their safety. Iran needs to be held accountable and sanctions shouldn’t be lifted simply based on promises, but on concrete action.

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