Todays offerings from the Religion of Peace:

Muslim group says Des Plaines zoning denial violates religious freedom

Ahmed Rehab of the Council on American-Islamic Relations announces the filing of a federal lawsuit against the city of Des Plaines.

CNN is totally infested with Muselmaniacs, what do you expect?

From Blazing Cat Fur:

Zanzibar Police Arrests 15 Radical Headbangers in Acid Attacks

DAR ES SALAM (Reuters) – Fifteen people, including suspected Islamist militants and individuals linked to an acid attack on a clergyman, have been arrested in Tanzania’s semi-autonomous Zanzibar islands, a senior police officer said.

Saudi Cleric Shanqiti: Muslim Men May Enjoy the Company of up to 19,604 Women in Paradise


Could the Rape Jihad Come to America?  (PJ Media)

“Muslim clerics have also said that women who violate Islam’s dress codes and venture out uncovered deserve what they get.”


Islamists’ Latest Excuse to Kill Minorities  (Gatestone)

The Religion of Peace takes voter intimidation to a whole new level.


Brotherhood Dug Their Own Graves  (Gulf News)

An Arab political analyst neatly points out why there weren’t too many tears in Egypt shed over the Muslim Brotherhood’s removal.


Watching the Middle East Implode  (FrontPage Magazine)

“The narrative of colonial oppression may be gratifying to leftist Western intellectuals, but it cannot alone explain the disorder of the region that has persisted long after the exit of the colonial powers.”


The Islamic Scam  (Right Side)

Fascinating essay that was first published several years ago.


The Egyptian Pyramid Scheme  (Daniel Greenfield)

Was the Arab Spring just a desert mirage?


The Delusions of Caliph Erdogan  (FrontPage Magazine)

“Eventually, Erdogan will be exposed as an individual who ruthlessly pursues his Ottoman and Muslim Brotherhood-inspired dreams at any cost.”


The Niqab is a Worrying Symbol of Segregation  (Telegraph)

“As a piece of religious clothing, the niqab is in a different category to the cross or the yarmulka because it places a troubling barrier between the wearer and the rest of society.”