UK’s 36 Hour Veil Ban

Ban Muslim women from wearing veils in schools and public places; Veil debate should be wake-up call for feminism

MPs Jeremy Browne and Sarah Wollaston in the Telegraph

Britain should consider banning Muslim girls and young women from wearing veils in schools and public places, a Home Office minister has said. Jeremy Browne, a Liberal Democrat, said there needs to be a national debate about whether the state should step in to protect young women from having the veil “imposed” on them.–SHARE »

Tough like Yorkshire pudding:

The Headmistress who likes to say no, and the Headmistress who does U-turns

 Birmingham Metropolitan College had a clear principle that no face coverings were to be worn. No balaclavas, no motorbike crash helmets, no ski masks, no niqabs or burkas.

And this new term Dr Dame Christine was keen to enforce it for, ooh, all of 36 hours. Until she was threatened with a 1000 strong islamic demo outside the college.SHARE »

U.S.: No killer psycho left behind:

Tingles mental illness:

“Its too easy to get a gun….”

Foreign fighters step up crimes in Syria -U.N.

Some brigades entirely made up of foreigners – U.N.

* “Extreme elements” have their own agenda – inspector

* Syria government denies bombing hospitals

By Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA, Sept 16 (Reuters) – Hardline Syrian rebels and foreign fighters invoking jihad, or holy war, have stepped up killings, executions and other abuses in the north since July, U.N. human rights investigators said on Monday.

SYRIA… it ain’t necessarily so

Paul Weston: Islam’s Global War on Christianity 


Jew Hatred Officially Backed by Belgium

by Peter Martino  •  September 16, 2013

Belgian children aged 6 to 12 are being instilled with a hatred for Jews that is so deep, that one day “Never Again” might indeed become “Over Again,” and with the same victims as before: the Jews.

Shockingly, in Belgium, history lessons about Nazism and the Holocaust are currently being used to infuse children with hatred against Israel.

The Belgian Ministry of Education funds an organization, the Special Committee for Remembrance Education (BCH), which provides teachers with ready-made templates for their history lessons. In its September issue, Joods Actueel, the largest Jewish magazine in Belgium, describes this educational material as “perverted.” The so-called Remembrance Education, the magazine writes, “has degenerated into an instrument to infect youngsters with hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism.”

One of the materials used is the cartoon “Never Again, Over Again.” It equates the treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis today with the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis in the 1930s and 40s.

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  1. Muslim family’s fury after Morrisons sold them cheese and onion pasty with non-halal meat in it… then offered them ALCOHOL as an apology

    Khan family from Cardiff was ‘highly insulted’ by Morrisons supermarket
    Complained about meat pasty and were offered champagne as apology
    Yousuf, 3, tucked into pasty before realising it contained non-halal meat

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  2. Halal food is not lawful for Christians and Jews, it is sacrificed to a demon, and therefore profanely prepared.
    Christianity and Judaism are not propitiary magic; there is no blood sacrifice in either.
    Islam is propitiary magic, it requires blood sacrifices and the saying of incantations.
    Islam is profane.

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