Abbott Weasels Out

Abbott dodges debate on Muslim integration

This is shameful and cowardly. We all expected more, much more from  this new PM who’s been getting quite a few things right. The way he dodges the Muslim issue is embarrassing. He should be getting heat for this. But don’t expect the Islamophile journaillie to do their job, they won’t.

Here it is, again:

Labor MP Michael Danby calls for debate on Australians fighting in Syria conflict.

Scott Morrison flags block on Australians returning home after fighting in Syria

6 thoughts on “Abbott Weasels Out”

  1. “PM: Yeah, but it would be a big mistake for anyone in authority in Australia to suggest that people might be citizens second, and adherents of a a particular faith first, because nothing could be more guaranteed to hinder the integration and ultimately the assimilation of such people.”

    Abbott knows the deal but won’t address it.

    Just more kumbaya.

    1. These dolts will continue to throw money at it till the cows come home…. (better not mention cows, because they will all be halal slaughtered….)

  2. At least Bolt asked some pointed questions, which is more than you’d get from the other left wing lame brains.

  3. Abbott should be sent some books by Robert Spencer, so that he can be educated in Islam.A copy should of the book below should be sent to David Cameron before Sharia finance takes over Britain. Great book if you want to understand Islam today form a historical perspective.


    The Aligarh apologists accuse the medieval Muslim historians of exaggerating the barbarities committed by the Muslim invaders and rulers. Next, they blame on the inherent barbarism of the Turks whatever irreducible minimum of atrocities cannot be hushed out of recorded history. And they end by absolving Islam of every crime committed in its name.


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