“Anti-racist activist” raped after attending anti-racism festival in Italy

Stupid is as stupid does. Forgive me while I enjoy a case of Sudden Schadenfreude.

Sounds like a chicken was trying to show the fox the inside of the chicken coop. I wonder if she learned her lesson.

Anti-racist activist dimbulb raped after attending anti-racism festival in Italy

An Italian social worker and “anti-racist” activist became the victim of a hate crime after attending an “anti-racism” event called the “Festival multietnico” in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The rape victim and her fiances befriended from illegal aliens during the festival and accepted an invitation to stay with the,. The fiances was held captive at knife point, while the female victim was raped. The attack took place last June, however the police have just now arrested a suspect. The suspect is Buojemaa Es Sahly, a 32 year old illegal alien from Morocco.–Source.