Even Andrew Bolt Evades The Issue of Muslims, Islam and Jihad Even Whilst Seeming To Address It

Even Andrew Bolt Evades The Issue of Muslims, Islam and Jihad Even Whilst Seeming To Address It 


I do not endorse all of Andrew Bolt’s other (non-Islam-related) views; but he is currently one of the few Australian journalists who dares to speak relatively plainly about Islam.  This column which appeared in the Herald Sun and other affiliated papers in the immediate wake of the Muslim ghazi terror raid on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, is worth reproducing, despite its shortcomings.

As published in the ‘Herald-Sun’ on 26 September 2013.

‘There are Uncomfortable Facts To Be Faced on Immigration’.

In the Courier-Mail, Queensland, the same column was headlined “Be Wary of Importing Hate”.

At Mr Bolt’s blog proper, the headline asked “Why Are We Importing Danger?”.

‘Danger’. ‘Hate’. ‘Immigration’. Broad generalities.  But both the Courier Mail and the Herald-Sun illustrated the piece with pictures of non-Muslim victims of the jihad raid on the Westgate Mall: the Herald Sun chose a picture captioned “Zipporah Mureithi is helped by relatives as she weeps after identifying the body of her father Paul at the city morgue in Nairobi, Kenya..” [note well the Biblical names, from the Old and New Testaments – Zipporah and Paul; these are African Christians who are suffering the Muslim onslaught in their own majority-Christian country]; the Courier Mail’s similar picture was not specifically-captioned.  Mr Bolt headed his blog with a montage of six video clips presumably illustrating the ‘danger’ being imported…and every one of them is about Islam.  

So the headlines should in fact have read, “Uncomfortable Facts ABout Muslim Immigration”, ‘Why are We Importing Taught-To-Hate Muslims?” “Be Wary of Importing Quranically-Inculcated Hatred”.

And so to the article. – CM

“The jihadists who murdered at least 67 people at a Nairobi mall are a warning our immigration program is a menace.

No, they are a warning that our current lax attitude toward the continuing and – if anything – accelerating immigration of Muslims is a menace. – CM

‘These killers are from Al Shabaab, a Somali al-Qaida affiliate (a Somali Muslim jihad outfit – CM) that has trained Australians and inspired three others to plan a terror attack on a Sydney army barracks.

‘Now, with Al Shabaab getting this priceless publicity, how many more sympathisers here might be inspired by this rising star of Jihadism?

Not ‘Jihadism’.  Islam, plain and simple, taken straight up.  Just one more thoroughly-Islamically-orthodox call to Jihad fi sabil allah, Struggle in the Cause of Allah. I think Mr Andrew Bolt needs to read the preface on Jihad that Jacques Ellul wrote for Bat Yeor’s ‘The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam”.

 And as a journalist, he really ought to read Conor Cruise O’Brien’s classic 1995 article, “The Lesson of Algeria: Islam is Indivisible”.

From that article: “Fundamentalist Islam” (or, for that matter, ‘Jihadism’) is a misnomer which dulls our perceptions in a dangerous way.  It does so by implying that there is some other kind of Islam, which is well disposed to those who reject the Koran.  There isn’t.  Islam is a universalist, triumphalist and political religion.  It claims de jure dominion over all humanity; that is God’s will. The actual state of affairs, with unbelievers of various sorts dominating most of the world, is a suspension of God’s will and a scandal to the faithful. The world is divided between the House of Islam and the House of War, meaning the rest of us…”. Click on the link, anyone who hasn’t read it, and read the rest.  Then read through what Mr Bolt has to say, and see how near he is, and yet…how far, from seeing what Conor Cruise O’Brien was able to see.- CM

‘We wouldn’t need to ask if we hadn’t recklessly allowed in too many immigrants whose children are prone to such extremism.

If we hadn’t allowed in Muslims, whose children are ideologically primed to heed the summons to Jihad against the Unbelievers. - CM

‘Even before the horror in Nairobi the warning lights were flashing.

‘ASIO warned in April that hundreds of Muslim Australians (hundreds of Muslims resident in Australia – CM), mostly of Lebanese background, were involved in Syria’s civil war (in the Sunni Jihad against Alawites and Shiites in Syria – CM), many with jihadist groups (the whole thing is a Jihad, Mr Bolt – CM) and posed a danger on their return.

‘The Syria war has already spilled onto our streets, with bashings, shootings and arson as Sunnis and Shiites scuffle in Sydney and Melbourne.

It might be interesting to also ask Syrian Christians what kinds of threats may have been arriving in their mailboxes lately…even as, assimilated into culturally-Christian Australia, they try to keep their heads down, pray desperately as they hear news of Muslim church-burnings, murders, kidnappings and rapes of their defenceless kin in Syria, and worry that Muslims living here who can’t afford to fly to Syria to burn down a Christian Church there, may settle for a target closer to hand, and attack a Syrian emigre Church – or any other kind of church – right here in Australia. – CM

‘Then there are the 15 Muslims jailed here over four big terrorist (sic: jihad terror – CM) plots. Who let in such people?

People who had not done their homework on Islam and the history of the past 1400 years of Jihad on three continents. – CM

‘Radical preachers (radical? – totally typical, if the sorts of preachers who feature in large numbers at MEMRI or on youtube are any indication – CM) such as Sheik Taj El-Din al-Hilaly, imam at Lakemba Mosque, Australia’s biggest, have meanwhile whipped up the hate by praising suicide bombers as ‘heroes’.

‘They have an audience: scores (scores? – it looked like hundreds, to me – CM)  of angry Muslim men rioted in Sydney last year over an American video mocking their faith.

Mocking – on the basis of material right there in their own texts, which was not substantially altered in any way – their cult and its putative founder. – CM

‘Not all the trouble has a specifically religious connection.

“Imprisonment rates among the Lebanese-born are among the highest of ethnic groups (Mr Bolt: have you done a breakdown of the ‘Lebanese’ into a/ those of culturally-Christian background and b/ those of Muslim background? It’s easy enough to do by looking at the names.  Have you had a close look at the perps who are brought to court by the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad?  How many ‘Mohammeds’ and ‘Husseins’ are there, as opposed to ‘Pauls’ and ‘Marks’?  Were there any Lebanese of Christian background, among the ‘Lebanese’ gang rapists who targeted Australian non-Muslim girls, about ten years ago? – CM) and two bikie gangs – the Comancheros and Notorious – have many Lebanese members.

Lebanese’.  Curiously, all ‘Lebanese’ outlaw bikies whose names have come to the attention of the public in newspaper reports on arrests and trials have all had recognisably Muslim names. – CM

“Sydney’s Hell’s Angels include many ethnic Turks”.

‘Ethnic Turks’.  And of what religio-cultural background, Mr Bolt, are the vast majority of ethnic Turks – 99.9 percent of them – currently resident in Australia?  Buddhist?  Christian? Or…MUSLIM? – CM

‘Shootings in Sydney suburbs with big Muslim populations are so common that police created a Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad.

It wasn’t just the shootings. It was the car thefts, drug pushing and manufacture, extortion, and other activities that prompted the formation of that dedicated Squad; and again, pretty well every perp that the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad catches and brings to justice – I would say, maybe nine out of ten, at least – is manifestly of Muslim upbringing, to judge from their names, and the be-hijabbed females who are visible in the backgrounds of the photographs of arrests and court proceedings. – CM

‘All this – and high rates of welfare dependency – suggests we should better integrate the nearly 500,000 Muslims we have already before admitting many more.

It’s not up to us to ‘integrate’ them. They won’t integrate, so long as they remain Muslims, because their heads are programmed with 1/ al wala wa al bara, Loyalty (to the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob) and Enmity (toward us, you and me, non-Muslims), and 2/ the division between the Dar al Islam, or House of Islam, and the Dar al Harb, or House of War (which is us, everyone who says No to Mohammed, the Sharia, and the idea of becoming a Muslim or being ruled by Muslims. So let’s just stop importing them at all, period; and start figuring out how to prompt the departure of those already present. – CM)

‘I know, it is not ‘nice’ to say such things.  Most Muslims are indeed peace-loving.

No, Mr Bolt: the most that can be said is that many Muslims currently in Australia do not appearto be interested in personally engaging in violent jihad against the circumambient Australian Infidels. But it cannot be determined how many of them would tacitly support such violent jihad; nor can it be known how many of them would join it, if the balance of power tipped just a little bit more in their favour, at some time in the future.  – CM

‘Fifteen jailed terrorists (jihad plotters; and that includes two Anglo-Celt Aussie males who converted to Islam and heard the siren call of Jihad – CM) is, after all, a tiny proportion of 500, 000 people.

Add in those who have been jailed for vicious gang rapes of young Australian kafir girls.  Add in those who have been jailed for other violent criminal activity, and those who have been busy gaming the welfare system, and those who have waltzed off to Libya or to Syria to join the jihad there (and those who support them enthusiastically in that decision). And all those who attended the big Hizb ut Tahrir conference recently. And all those who rioted in central Sydney in September 2012.  It adds up to a lot more than 15. – CM

‘Yet we have nearly as many Buddhists as Muslims.  Not one Buddhist is in jail here for terrorism. So would we be safer bringing in more Muslims, or more Buddhists?

Good question. – CM

‘Such questions may seem shocking, but the terrorism (the Jihad – CM) in Kenya demands we ask them.

‘Al Shabaab has boasted in a tweet that three Americans (three Muslims with American passports –CM) were among the killers, as well as men (Muslims – CM) from Finland, Canada, Britain, Somalia and Kenya.

‘But they could easily have come from Australia.

They could easily have been Muslims of any colour – black, white or brindle – carrying Australian passports. – CM

‘Four years ago Somali-born Islamic scholar Hersi Hilole said Somali parents here (Somali Muslim parents here – CM) were worried their sons had gone to fight in Somalia, and “some may also still be associated with these extremist groups”.

Extremist groups. That is: jihad outfits. – CM

‘Two years ago, Abdisalam Ali, an Al Shabaab suicide bomber, published a martyrdom video urging “my brothers and sisters, do jihad in America…(and) anywhere in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in China, in Australia..”.

In other words: wage jihad anywhere that you have a base to work from; anywhere that there is a sizeable colony of the Ummah, or Empire of Islam, ensconced within a non-Muslim population. – CM

‘By then three Muslims, two of Lebanese background, had already been arrested for planning a mass-shooting at Sydney’s Holsworthy barracks after asking senior Al Shabaab religious figures for permission.

‘Is it surprising that some young Muslims seem prone to calls to Jihad?

Not at all. Their cult primes them to hear and heed the call. – CM

‘Take the Somali community.  (That is, ‘take the Somali Muslims’ – they are 99.9 percent Muslims – CM).  Many lack qualifications or good English. Their earnings are half the average. Their unemployment rate is four times the average. Their crime rate in Victoria is five times the average.

Mr Bolt, Mr Bolt, Mr Bolt, are you of all people going to trot out the ‘poverty causes Jihad’ canard?  Jihad plotters in the USA and UK have come from quite well-heeled, well-educated backgrounds; there are educated professionals busy waging jihad, people who have been educated as doctors and engineers.  Poverty and levels of education have absolutely nothing to do with it. The deciding factor, the single biggest risk factor, is Islam, Islam, Islam.  Muslims wage Jihad.  Non-Muslims don’t. – CM

‘If you’re a proud young man, would you rather be some dirt-poor Australian or a feared jihadist?

Mr Bolt, the call to Jihad addresses young – and not only young – Muslims with university degrees and good jobs in IT companies and finance companies, just as strongly as it addresses those whose Islam, pur et dur, practised for generations, has had a great deal to do with producing the poverty and mental stunting that make it difficult for them to survive in a modern western country. – CM

‘So why have our politicians been blind to such obvious dangers?

‘True, every blue moon the hard questions are faced.

‘Cabinet documents show the Fraser Government (which was on the ‘Conservative’ side of Australian politics, by the way; there is plenty of folly and blindness to share around – CM) was privately warned by immigration authorities in 1976 to tighten lax entry requirements for refugees (or claimed refugees – CM) from the Lebanese civll war because this new intake was “scraping the bottom of the barrel with regard to quality”.

‘Many were unskilled, illiterate, and “of questionable character”, and there was a danger “the conflicts, tensions and divisions within Lebanon will be transferred to Australia”.

The problem was that up until 1976 most ‘Lebanese’ who had come to Australia were Christian. After 1976, the vast majority of ‘Lebanese’ who came to Australia were…MUSLIMS. And that made all the difference. – CM

‘How sad the warning wasn’t heeded better.

‘In 2007, the Howard government’s immigration affairs minister, Kevin Andrews, froze our intake of refugees from Somalia and Sudan, saying the Sudanese particularly seemed to have serious trouble settling, and it was best to “slow down the rate of intake until you’ve dealt with it”.

The Somalis, of course, were pretty well 100 percent Muslim. The Sudanese were a mixture – some Christian, some Muslim – and it would be interesting to know whether those that had ‘trouble settling’ were predominantly from among the Muslims, or predominantly from among the Christians.  My money is on the Sudanese Muslims being the source of most of the trouble. Where Sudanese of culturally-Christian background behave badly, one can be certain that their pastors and families will be deeply shamed by that bad behaviour, and eager to cooperate with law enforcement; not so much with Muslim clerics and Muslim families when their sons act up. – CM

‘For that honesty Andrews was accused of “a pure form of racism” by Queensland premier Anna Blight, and vilified by the ABC.

‘ Sinc ethen we’ve gone back tot he standard dishonesty.  Mark Dreyfus, attorney-general in the Gillard government, praised his multi-ethnic voters in greater Dandenong as “a modern, diverse and harmonious society”, even though crime rates are 40 percent above the state average, with Sudanese (the Muslims or the non-Muslims? I’d be surprised if there were no difference at all with regard to the ideological background involved – CM) and Pacific Islanders  over-represented.

Make up your mind, Mr Bolt.  What, precisely, is the main source of the danger to Australia? Which immigrant group is it whose entry into this country – and, for that matter, any number of other countries, including a whole slew of non-Western countries – requires to be curtailed drastically, or stopped altogether,  for the sake of public safety?  Muslims? Or –  since you have chosen to end your article by suddenly spinning round and focusing in on them – the non-Muslim and indeed culturally-Christianised (at least until the da’wa merchants get to work on them) Pacific Islanders?

This would have been a far better article had it focused, laser-like, steadily and without distraction, on Islam, Islam, Islam, and the manifest behaviour of Muslims in all societies where they have gained or are gaining power, worldwide. – CM


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