Australia Agrees to Resettle ‘500 Syrian Refugees’…But Will They Be Christians, Or Muslims?

‘Australia responds to UNHCR request and agrees to resettle 500 Syrian refugees’.

Australia Agrees to Resettle ‘500 Syrian Refugees’…But Will They Be Christians, Or Muslims?

As reported by our ABC this morning. (Fisked by Christina McIntosh for NER)

‘Australia responds to UNHCR request and agrees to resettle 500 Syrian refugees’.

Do we really want more of this?


‘The Federal Government has announced it will resettle 500 Syrian refugees as part of its humanitarian refugee program.

‘The places will be quarantined for Syrians within the existing annual refugee intake, which is capped at 13, 700.

‘The United Nations says the Syrian crisis (sic: the Sunni Muslim jihad to seize dominance over Alawites, Shiites and Christians in Syria – CM) is a humanitarian tragedy which has killed more than 100,000 people and driven around 6.5 million others from their homes.

‘More than 2 million refugees have fled Syria, many crossing the borders into Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, and the international refugee agency UNHCR has called for the pressure on Syria’s neighbours to be eased.

The rich Arab Muslim states should be taking care of the Sunni Muslims among those who have fled.  Iran should be taking care of such Shiites or Alawites as have fled.  The only people whom non-Muslim nations have any business taking in – and whom indeed we ought to be helping and taking in – are the indigenous Christians – who are, of all the various groups in Syria, the weakest and most severely endangered, and who have been enduring the worst atrocities…most of those atrocities at the hands of Sunni Muslims. - CM

‘Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the commitment to resettle the refugees was made in response to the UNHCR’s request.

‘Mr Morrison says the decision should not be interpreted as an encouragement for asylum seekers to get on boats bound for Australia.

‘Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has called on all parties in the Syrian conflict to agree to humanitarian pauses in the fighting, and to provide routes for aid convoys.

Good luck with that!  The ‘aid convoys’ should be heavily protected by armed men, or they are likely to be seized either by the assorted Sunni jihad gangs, or by the likes of Hezbollah, and the resources diverted for the use of combatants. – CM

‘In a non-binding consensus statement, the council says there should be unhindered humanitarian access across conflict lines and across borders.

And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. – CM

‘The statement calls for the urgent, safe and unhindered delivery of assistance to hundreds of thousands of civilians caught up in the conflict.

Of those civilians I have unreserved sympathy for the Christians; a certain degree for the Alawites, who like the Christians face almost certain genocide if the Sunni Muslims win; and none whatsoever for the Muslims, of any variety, since there is no guarantee that even the sweetest, nicest-looking little old Muslim lady in a hijab will not ululate ecstatically when watching her menfolk butcher Syrian Christian women and children and burn down their churches. – CM

‘UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos says the statement sends a strong message.

‘Foreign Affairs minister Julie Bishop welcomed the Security Council’s resolution.

‘She said the statement delivers a strong, unified message that all parties in Syria must urgently allow the UN and other humanitarian agencies to deliver assistance.;

Infidel ‘aid’ to the Sunni Muslims will merely relieve pressure on those waging the Jihad (and that includes those who have been burning and smashing Christian churches, kidnapping and murdering priests, and kidnapping and raping and murdering minor Christian girls), making it just that much more likely that they may win..and if the Sunni Muslims win, overthrow the Alawites, and install a Sunni Arab Muslim sharia state, then every other minority in Syria – and most especially the Christians, who represent the original pre-Islamic population and culture of the region –  will be plunged into an abyss of oppression..or be simply butchered wholesale.   Non-Muslim nations have no business offering ‘aid’ to anybody in the Syrian mess other than the Christians; let the rich Arab Muslims and the Shiite Iranians and Hezbollahniks pick up the tab for the care and feeding of their respective allies and proxies. 

My advice to any Islamosavvy non-Muslim Australian who may happen to read this: send an urgent message to the Immigration Minister, demanding that, in the light of the fact that the Syrian Christians are the most severely endangered and vulnerable group within Syria and also amongst those displaced from Syria, Australia should insist that every one of those precious 500 places be reserved for Syrian Christians.  500 Syrian Christians and their future offspring will never cause headaches for ASIO…but 500 Syrian Muslims and/ or their future descendants most assuredlywill. – CM



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Posted on 10/03/2013 8:17 PM by Christina McIntosh

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  1. We don’t want any more jihad wankers here.

    Well said:

    If they are not Christian !@#$% off!

  2. Do not let Muslims enter Australia , they will increase population like piglets. One Muslim women gibe birth to 10 kids on average . All Muslims are not terrorist but all terrorist are Muslims.

  3. Remember the line from rabbott “we say who enters the country and under what circumstances” well that just got blown out if the water! It appears the puppet master is really pulling the strings and the liebrals are just dancing to the un’s tune of “Here comes the clowns”

    The only refugees who should be entitled to enter are xtians, at least the bible doesn’t dictate the infidel to pay the jizya and if we disagree with them we are to be beheaded.

  4. It really should not matter if the Syrians we are charitable to are Christian, Muslim, or otherwise as deluded by any other nut bag religion or mental illness.
    Just as long as the go back as soon as their TPV expires.
    On the whole though, no more Muslims coming into the civilised world, Australia included, would be best for all.
    Islam has no purpose and is of no benefit to civilised society and the sooner it is prevented the better.

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