How much more of this before Americans revolt?

Dry Runs: the TSA doesn’t want the flying public to be aware of the problems with terrorist probes.

“There have been several cases recently throughout the airline industry of what appear to be probes, or dry-runs”

Only a matter of time. “Pilot Memo Warns of Terrorist Dry Run on DC to Orlando Flight,” by Mike Deeson for WTSP-TV, October 10 (thanks to JW):

Orlando, Florida (WTSP) — It was a flight bound for Florida, and some airline pilots believe it also may have been a dry-run for terrorists.

The Muslim Brotherhood President?  

Obama is no longer even trying to mask his contemptible agenda while the lame stream media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Obama regime.

al-qaeda-growing-under-obamaby cutting off aid, Omama is strong-arming the Egyptians until they have no choice but to agree.

While highly tolerant of the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama has said little about the escalating oppression of Christians in Egypt.

Tommy Robinson Finally Folds?  (Gates of Vienna)

Stepping down from the EDL after years of harassment and abuse is understandable. But what is this “Quilliam Foundation”?

Paki Buys and Rapes Sex Slave to Stay in UK…

UK: Muslims hold Slovakian woman as slave, repeatedly rape and assault her

These rape and sex slavery gangs are bad, but even worse would be to let into the country anyone who would talk honestly about how such actions are justified within Islam, which would explain why there are so many such gangs. Better to pretend that there is no problem at all.

CNN: World’s 10 Most Dangerous Terrorists are All Muslim…

CNN? What’s the world coming to?

Obama People


Jay Carney:

… Carney complained that Obama had “sincerely engaged” by buying Republicans dinner. –

carney's turdsTea Party Wants Obama to Resign to End Shutdown (Video)

You don’t criticise the Fuehrer