Ivan Rioufol: immigration is not a problem?

Immigration is not a problem.

Thanks to Rita for the translation.

A France without the French, a Britain without Brits and a Germany without Germans is not a problem?  Madness.

Lampedusa: A magnet for migrants

Any excuse will do to invade the lands of EUro dhimmies, who have lost the will to resist Mohammedan aggression. (Al Jizz)

At least that’s what the left, efficiently supported by numerous medias and zealous commentators, has not ceased to tell us, and this despite obvious upheavals that affect neighbourhoods and towns. The only thing that counts for these heirs of Marxism is the economy.

And that is still what Francois Hollande asserts when he says that the crisis will pass with the return of employment and growth. But it seems that the “Revolution of Blinkers”, which forces one to see only what’s in front of your eyes, is being infiltrated even by socialists. Some who feel responsible recognise today the lack of thought in their party on a subject which in reality mobilises the conversations and concerns of all the French people. According to “Le Figaro” of Tuesday, the socialists are now ready to launch a debate on immigration.

Wednesday morning I heard on Europe 1 (Radio station) Minister Michel Sapin denounce the gravity of the Greens’ childishness in calling upon youngsters to demonstrate in support of the young Leonarda who has been expulsed from France with her family. But this childishness is largely shared by the immature Left, of which Sapin is part. They believe that problems which are annoying or complex will disappear if one refuses to call them by their name. So lets note that immigration is becoming a problem for the PS (Socialist Party). That’s at least something.

However, we can hardly expect audacious proposals judging by the accusations of “LePen-ism” coming from the PS in reaction to Jean-Francois Copé’s project to reform the “right of birthplace” and to refuse it to the children of illegal immigrant couples.

Of course, the UMP (conservatives) should have woken up while they were in power. But to play the game of the FN (Front National party of Marine Le Pen) is not an attempt to find a solution. To the contrary, it is a continuation of not wanting to find answers. The best agent that Marine Le Pen has is a Left in denial. A steadfast Right would be her best adversary.

The UMP should not be afraid to harden the rules of immigration. A reader recently sent me an issue of the Congolese daily “Les depeches de Brazzaville”, dated 20. September. In it, the prefect of Pointe-Noire calls for a fight against illegal immigration. “We demand of each foreigner to conform to the rules of our country. The hospitality which our department and our people offer must not be used to create a henhouse in which everyone does as he pleases and enters or leaves when he wants. The authority of the State must be restored”.

Not everyone who wants to enters the Congo. A sample to be followed….

Ivan Rioufol, 23. October 2013.