Tayyip ErdoÄŸan: “Kosovo is Turkey and Turkey is Kosovo”

Its all about conquest:

Turkey was one of the first countries to officially recognize Kosovo’s independence from Serbia in early 2008, after slick Willie bombed the Christian Serbs out of their ancient homeland. Soddy Barbarians have been showering him and his execrable wife with money ever since.

“In the Republic of Serbia, such statements cannot be received as friendly. They depart from assurances that we get in contacts with Turkey’s top officials,” said the Serbian Foreign Ministry statement.  Nebojsa Stefanovic, the Serbian parliament speaker, was another Serbian figure who condemned ErdoÄŸan’s comments, saying that his remarks do not contribute to the improvement of Serbian-Turkish ties.

“The statement [by ErdoÄŸan] is scandalous, and [I] expect [not just] the state, but also the international community, to react,” TANJUG reported Stefanovic as saying in a televised interview.


Muslim Vision for Austria:

Here’s a guy making absolutely no beef about how its gonna be when Mustards take over:


3 thoughts on “Tayyip ErdoÄŸan: “Kosovo is Turkey and Turkey is Kosovo””

  1. It’s long past time for the filthy turks to declare that Constantinople is an open city, that they admit that the Church of Holy Wisdom is just that, a Church, & they should declare that they’re filthy koranimal scum unfit for the 21st century.

    Peace in our time, or there will be no turkey feathers left. EoD.

  2. Erdogan’s honest about it – while the western enemedia harps on the “Ethnic Albanians” currently occupying Kosovo, everyone with a brain knows they’re really only TURKS, because only the Turks are left in Albania after having genocided all the previous Greek Christian inhabitants out of the place since they invaded over 500 years ago.

    But the “Ethnic Albanian” Turks in Kosovo were only imported there far more recently, during WWII, by the ‘palestinian’ Grand Mufti, Haj-Amin al-Husseini, acting on Hitler’s direct orders!

    Orders, I might add, which fellow-travelling socialist Bill Clinton had finally realized after 60 years! At last, there’s a new muslim country, thanks to him!

    1. While it is highly likely that there is a high percentage of ethnic Turks in the makeup of present day Albanians we know little about a genocide against the indigenous people of Albania. Is there a record of a genocide conducted by the Palli grand mufti? If you have something please sent it in, we’ll be happy posting it!

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