Jihad in Africa



Islamic jihadists shell troop-heavy area around Gao airport

Al-Qaeda, on the ropes and defeated, fires shells toward the airport in Gao.

“Islamists shell troop-heavy area around Mali’s Gao airport,” from AFP, October 30 (thanks to Maxwell):

Bamako (AFP) – Islamists fired shells on Wednesday towards the airport in Gao, Mali’s second-largest city, but did not cause any casualties, a source from the Malian army headquarters said.

Islamic attack: 128 dead in Nigeria state capital

“Islamophobia is the biggest threat to peace in the world today.” — U.S. “academic” Kevin Barrett in Iran’s state-run PressTV

“Islamic Attack: 128 Dead in Nigeria State Capital,” by Adamu Adamu and Michelle Faul from the Associated Press, October 29 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A 5-hour battle between Islamic extremists and army troops in the capital of Yobe state killed at least 127 people, all but two combatants, according to reports from army and police officers that raise doubts about military claims that they have the upper hand in Nigeria’s fight to halt an Islamic uprising in the northeast. . . . . continue reading . . . .

Boko Haram Attacks Military Base – 35 Soldiers Slaughtered

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, October 28 (GWP)

boko haram killers

Boko Haram attacked the provincial capital in Yobe State today.
35 were reportedly killed.

The Telegraph reported:

Dozens of bodies in military uniforms have brought to a morgue in northern Nigeria after Islamist fighters staged a surprise attack on a provincial capital, hospital sources said.

bornoAftermath of a Religion of Peace attack in Nigeria.Islam creates headaches wherever it is taken seriously.

Sometimes there is blowback:

Somalia’s al-Shabab commanders ‘killed’ in strike

The more Islam & Jihad in Africa, the more ‘hijra’ (migration) to Europe we will see:

We have become so wedded to unsustainable humanitarian ideals that we are mentally incapable of defending our own continued national existence. When faced with millions of people coming from the global South, we simply raise a white flag and say that they are welcome to colonize our countries.

Africa is on the move, and it’s moving north. (by Fjordman)

Would-be immigrants arrive on a boat in